The influence of Soros: the European Commission supports the ECHR (Valeurs actuelles, France)

According to the Commissioner of Faith Yurova, support the ECHR remains a “priority” to strengthen pan-European system of protection of fundamental rights.

These words were the first clear and official response of the European authorities after the “Valeurs actuelles” wrote in February about the report Tuppence. We will remind, about what there is a speech. Gregor Puppinck, doctor of law and President of the European center for law and justice, presented a detailed report with 200 pages applications on the system, which allowed the NGO network of George Soros to extend the influence of the European court of human rights and gradually to turn it into their ideology. The ECtHR itself did not publicly respond to criticism (even to refute it) internal problems and numerous conflicts of interest. A response was the appointment of one of the identified in the report of the judges of the Yonko Grozev on important presidency. A few days ago, the European Commission responded to the written request of the Deputy jérôme rivière and dismissed the report’s conclusions are not backed up their position with any arguments.

In a letter dated February 25, the MEP asked the Commission whether the recent revelations that blacken the already controversial image of European agencies”, to push the Executive power of the EU to ensure that “to abandon negotiations on accession” to the ECHR. The answer of the Chairman of the Faith Yurova was extremely transparent. “The European Commission is not the slightest doubt about the impartiality and independence of the European court of human rights,” she said, without explaining why the 50 page report and 200-page applications are unable to shake this confidence. “This is hardly the answer — angry jérôme rivière. — For the European Commission the independence of the ECHR — it is an axiom, a truth that is accepted without proof. So she refuses to think and not even trying to refute the arguments presented by me”.

“Accession to the ECHR is a priority of the European Commission — continues Yurova. — The European Union is to accede to the ECHR to strengthen the European system of protection of fundamental rights. Therefore, accession is a cornerstone of a common European legal space, will benefit both citizens and the whole of Europe”. Thus, accession to the ECHR is treated as a top priority. Jérôme rivière, in turn, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the disdain for the Supervisory role of the European Parliament: “the European Commission does not take me seriously as parliamentarians, who demanded a report from it. I raise the topic, and she’s rubbing on her legs. The reason is simple: she knows about the influence of Soros and pleased him. The European Commission and the ECHR — the two plates of the clutches, which they are pressing European nation”. The European Commission expressed unqualified support for the ECHR because the European Commissioner Yurova, as you know, there are close links with George Soros.

On the post of the Commissioner it has already met three times with the defender of the “open society”: one in 2015 and two in 2017. The photo that was posted on Twitter on the day following their meeting 26 April 2017, it is next to the “philanthropist.” The caption reads: “Discussed the situation of fundamental rights in Europe with George Soros. Values of an open society is Central to the activities of the European Union.” In other tweets she hides close to the ideology of Karl Popper, mentor Soros.

The article on “the new European Commission from the perspective of Central Europe” Visegrad Post notes the following: “the Association of Faith Yurova with the constellation of Soros is well known: in 2018 she took the floor at the European summit in Prague, which was organized with the support of the Czech representative office of the Foundation “open society”. At the end of the event, she did not hesitate to pose with George and Alexander Soros”.

In November last year, four of the MEP has asked the European Commission to “report the volume of European funds, which receive non-profit organizations financed by the Fund “open society”. The authorities replied that they could not “determine which organizations funded by the Foundation “open society” (…) or associated with him.” Anyway, according to the official website meeting of representatives of these organizations with the European officials tens… When it comes to Soros, the European agencies have always one answer: “Go, there’s nothing to see”.