“October 16,” Vladimir Putin

I. V. Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee on 16 October: “Please release me from the duties of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. I’m old. It’s hard for me. There are no forces. Elect another Secretary”. All this he said, looking carefully into the hall. On the face of Malenkov I saw the terrible expression that can be a person, aware of the mortal danger. Malenkov’s face, his gestures, his expressive hands upraised was a direct plea to the audience to deny the request, comrade Stalin. And from behind Stalin heard of his hasty words: “No! Please stay!” And the hall roared: “Please, please stay…” I Remember in any play by Brecht kill smeared face with white paint. And they stood motionless on stage until the end of scaring white people.

From the memoirs of Konstantin Simonov

65 years later

Imposing and charismatic, the stormy Petrel of the Russian revolution Professor Valery Solovey earned in we are experiencing fateful minutes visible public metered leaks with peers auspicious second or third category, which he apparently regularly invite — as an interesting conversationalist. The most quoted feature of all leaks were constantly spread rumors Nightingale (with some even flaunting his knowledge) a judgment about neprijatnosti action, called in Russia the presidential elections of 2018. Some caused by force majeure entertaining events announced intrigued the public for August-September 2017.

This openwork intellectual glass bead game was suddenly trivialized by two rough men came into the presence of the Emperor-the Emperor plebeian dispute of economic entities regarding the protection and rehabilitation of the sanatorium “Rus”. Such entities in the 1990s, tens of blew each other at a memorial cemetery, and now swung at everything — on the intimate process of transferring the sacred power state, trying to use it to handle their small dealings.

The result is a scandalous fight “Afghan bulldogs” under the Kremlin carpet to the public fell out of an interesting text, a denunciation to the Emperor, which stood out a striking phrase: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, under threat of discredit were political projects, led by Volodin V. V. as Your successor.”

Such blasphemous words could be inscribed on paper only after they first have been repeatedly uttered by Putin. We have received very important information: Putin made it clear to his entourage that he is not planning to go for the next term, more convincing and even presented to the crew chosen successor. Vintage fun Russian tsars, from Ivan the terrible to Joseph blood, the sacrifice of successor, Michael Ivanovich revived not by accident.

The failure of the myths of the “Russian world” and “new Russia” became the biggest foreign policy defeat of the Putin regime. And undermined its economic foundations, exacerbating relations with Western partners, controlling the common funds of the rulers of Russia. The amount of recyclable bubble sharply reduced, which inevitably provokes a war of all armed forces against each other. Even the national guard 400 thousand bayonets can protect lost its mystical luck of the leader from the wrath of frustrerande accomplices and popular indignation.

The entire historical experience confirms that in authoritarian brothels in similar situations have not changed bed, and the main girl. Could not not to think about it and post-Soviet Russian billionaires. But the most outstanding mediocrity of the Kremlin’s political class and therefore the most prominent, which foresaw this development and tried to pre-empt the game in successor: I say, boys, do for the government do not really cling, here and pravopreemnitsy you already have chosen. In fact, to leave he’s not going anywhere — it is because of the hopelessness of the situation in the country as a whole. He understands that there is no “successor” of security to guarantee he can’t.

Credit history Putin is that after the departure from power for any successor it will be prosecuted. At the same time where is the guarantee that his chosen successor will not be dismissed in a week? Voluntarily, Putin will never leave and if so a sad end is inevitable, would prefer to postpone it as much as possible, staying in the Kremlin under the safe from time to time guard.

Most likely, this fall he will try to simulate some dramatic events that dramatically turned the mood in the “elite” in the direction of loyalty: “to Leave no means impossible”, “don’t go, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, on whom are you leaving us!?” And while Putin is closely monitoring the reaction of the environment and takes note of those on the bait bite and show disloyalty. Shouted the same Volodin: “Putin is Russia and Russia is Putin”, but it was not rejected at the threshold blasphemous the idea of pravopreemnitsej. No, quietly and busily rustling papers, and the thought that he “assignee”, no discomfort, in contrast to Malenkov, not experiencing. Verification is not passed, you can expect consequences. Favorite courtier chronicler Kolesnikov very fine read bad smile on the face of a capo di tutti capi the public reading of the phrase “successor Volodin”.

Hard fight yard for melting the resource continues before our eyes, including between law enforcement agencies. Between the FSB and the interior Ministry with the expulsion of the losers from the Windows of the jail or 22-year sentences. Between right Zolotov and other security forces, unanimously demanding Putin’s head Kadyrov. You do not like? Reread “the gospel of the executioner” by Vainer brothers, a book about the last months of Stalin’s life. Very relevant reading. The Parallels are striking.

First of all, the fierce bickering intelligence agencies at the throne and at the door of the bedchamber to the weakening of the dictator. Beria, as a first step in the conspiracy cleaning Vlasik, years of surest guard of Stalin. Bortnikov, the mouth Muratova and Yashin revealing Zolotov as the customer of murder of Nemtsov and thereby threatening on two Vlaikov Putin, Kadyrov and Zolotova.

The new Testament is written from the butchers today the successors to the glorious traditions of the KGB. Sacred murder of Boris Nemtsov, in which he was tied all the intelligence agencies of the country and not just a handful of the frostbitten Kadyrovites, is not the cause but created their own reason for daring the challenge the leader. Not knocking the ashes of the slain in their hot heart and a cold calculation dictates the use of the investigation for stifling the pure hands of his old enemy. They always hated Putin’s “project Kadyrov”, deprived them, as they believe “victory” in Chechnya, but until recently did not dare argue with tillage.

Schooled by decades of repression, the inner circle of Stalin then, in 1952 immediately realized that the leader pretends to be a hose, and is actually preparing a new brutal purge of the party leadership. And everything that happened from October 16, 1952 March 1, 1953, when supporters of comrade Stalin found him lying in the puddle of his own urine, was the desperate struggle of the dictator and his entourage. How the rest with the associates of Mr. Putin — is difficult to predict. But I repeat: always wanted to die and thus bring his death, he is not going. And in any case, with Putin or without Putin, the country’s ruling group intends — as in 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2012 years — to solve key issues of westnorthwest item exclusively in his circle.

But whoever comes to power in a Palace coup, the coup that in case of success will be a positive event that dramatically weaken the regime as a whole. First, the junta will not be able to create a mobilizing myth of the new Savior of the Fatherland — this would have required too much time. Secondly, Stripping of Putin, they will have to justify their coup and to legitimize private power by denouncing his crimes, and that conviction will inevitably affect them. So the power of the post-Putin junta is unstable and not very long.