The triangle in the oval office

Since the information leaked from the White house after meeting Donald trump with the Russian and Ukrainian foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Pavel Klimkin were very poor, indifferent to foreign policy, citizens are carefully and meticulously looked at pictures.

Analyzed smiles, studied poses, and compared the angles of inclination of Klimkin and Lavrov, for Trump, trying to figure out who of them are lucky to win more attention and the location of the new occupant of the White house, and who wagged his finger. Around these photos even sparked a minor diplomatic scandal. Because in addition to Lavrov in the frame were notorious Russian Ambassador Kislyak, one of figurants of scandal around Flynn.

As reported by CNN, the White house expressed its displeasure at the fact that the Russian foreign Ministry and state news Agency TASS published a photo from a closed-door meeting trump and Lavrov. Typically, such actions shall be coordinated in advance on a bilateral level. As was the case with the publication of photographs of the Minister Klimkin and Ambassador Chalyi, President trump and Vice-President of the Penny. But will leave the photos. That for them?

Diplomacy is full of symbols and signs, not without them at this time. Unlike their predecessors, usually accidentally coming “to light” meetings of the Vice-President with foreign ambassadors, trump took the pathetic Ukrainians in the oval office, where they led the Vice President Pensions. Trump’s meeting with Klimkin was short-lived, but not limited to photography.

According ZN.UA in the course of a short conversation, the visitors informed the American leader that the Ukrainian Diaspora is mostly the electorate (two-thirds of Americans of Ukrainian descent have voted for trump), and the new leader of the free world assured that he is ready to work with Ukraine on the Donbass. Communication with Penny was more prolonged and lasted, according to our information, about 20-25 minutes.

This is not the first meeting of the Vice-President with Klimkin, and reportedly he’s already deeply immersed in the theme of Ukrainian and good in it is focused, as evidenced by at least his questions — specific, essentially. Of course, the American star was lucky for Klimkin and brought him to the White house largely because this greatly facilitated the political situation in America.

The ongoing scandal around Flynn and the investigation of Russian intervention in the American elections; the sudden dismissal of the head of the FBI (leading the investigation), and, well, just in time for the visit of Lavrov; the Russian Minister of foreign Affairs in the heart of America in the oval office, it all had something at least a little balance — and in the eyes of the electorate, and in the minds of incontinent after the election of the Democrats. So Klimkin was in Washington very helpful.

And the Ukrainians do themselves all the time insisted: well, give us a strong signal. Well, there you are, Nate. Of course, unpleasant, when you use it. But on the other hand, because Kiev can and should use held in the White house meeting — not only and not so much for PR in the country, but mainly in the international arena.

Photo studied not only in Kiev and Moscow. After all, the presidents, especially the us, does not often meet with foreign Ministers. And how many of the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the planet managed to shake hands with Trump in the oval office during the first 100 days of his presidency? But it is not important. Most importantly, what message came after meetings in Washington.

Please note that the announced and the White house and the state Department on the situation in Ukraine after talks with Lavrov. The press service of the trump wrote: “the President raised the issue of Ukraine, expressed the devotion of his administration’s involvement in conflict resolution and stressed the responsibility of Russia to fully implement the Minsk agreements”.

A state Department spokeswoman, Nauert clearly has placed points over “I”: “over Ukraine Secretary of state Tillerson stressed the need for progress towards full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Sanctions imposed on Russia will remain in force until Moscow will not allow the reverse of his actions, which was the reason for the imposition of sanctions.”

This is a significant statement amid undisguised desire ExxonMobil — former company Tillerson to crack Russian market despite the sanctions. Yes, the administration trump will continue to look for ways of establishing relations with Russia (for, according to the scenario statements in role-playing games, they are now worse than ever). Yes, Americans are now working on the restoration of bilateral channels and looking for a suitable replacement with his hand in tandem, Nuland-Surkov. According to our information, on the table Tillerson now are the names of the five candidates, and, according to sources, possibly even will set up a special group to work with Russia, which will include not only “political” representatives, and the Pentagon. Yes, they say that razvedochny the new administration, not advertising its meetings, since the winter build bridges with Surkov, “leading” Donbass.

But, on the other hand, according to our information, in Washington the American side (and the Minister Klimkin in addition to trump and Pence met with Deputy assistant to the President for Europe and Russia Fionas hill, an adviser to the Vice President for homeland security Andrea Thompson, political Director of the Department of state Brian Hook) unequivocally assured behind Ukraine no transactions will not, Syria and Ukraine are two different baskets, and concessions in Ukraine for Russian assistance in the settlement of the Syrian crisis, Kiev should not be afraid. Moreover, according to our sources at the presidential administration, the Americans were given to understand that they are ready for greater involvement in the settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine. However, without the sound of specific proposals for formats and mechanisms.

The Ukrainian side have long made it clear that not happy with a parallel “channel” bilateral U.S.-Russian track, the personification of which was the tandem Nuland-Surkov. But here not only Americans matter. The issue of strengthening their participation rises for a long time, but still, as far as we know, this stubbornly resisted the European part of the “Norman” format. Perhaps some progress will be after the imminent NATO summit. Experts say that much will depend on the meeting on the sidelines of trump with Merkel. And if Americans say that wish to see them in a particular format, new formats can finally become a reality.

The NATO summit carries one more potential opportunity for Kiev: he could become a suitable platform for trump’s meeting with Poroshenko. In principle, the Ukrainian and American sides have already passed the necessary path, have accumulated a sufficient number of bilateral meetings at different levels to jump to the content, not the Protocol communication at the highest. The opposition to the visit of President Poroshenko made in the U.S. for quite some time. The answer is no.

I think that if Ukraine decided after Georgia to send to Afghanistan a couple of thousand of his soldiers, trump was at the time not only for the Georgian Prime Minister, but also for the Ukrainian President. But we do, and his war will be enough… as far As we know, the Ukrainian side has made it clear to our American partners that it would be inappropriate to arrange a meeting tramp-Poroshenko after the meeting trump Putin, which, as hope in Moscow, may take place in July during the summit of “big twenty” in Germany.

The NATO summit on may 25 in Brussels — the only possibility for a personal acquaintance of trump with Poroshenko until July. The sequence of meetings of important characters. But much more important priorities: the interests of big business or the upholding of international law and justice? This, however, depends not only on the sequence of meetings…