May 14 – mother’s Day: where to take forces in all the world, and how not to get tired of the most beloved children


Future (school fees of the children, for their development and career of the husband (read: the size of the family budget), and relationship with him, caring for parents, etc.), definitely worth a plan. But not looking into the implementation of the plan through-eleven years, and deciding what you can do to achieve the goals of today and now.

Do not sprinkle ashes on his head for the mistakes, or unrealized dreams: most everything can be fixed, so proceed. But if you can’t fix — so, it was necessary. Mentally put those thoughts into a ball and send it into the sky forever. In memory of such deeds make others that have postponed “on then”. This will add energy, you get rid of frustration and guilt, sending the energy in the right direction.

Why it is important not to dwell on “yesterday” and “tomorrow”? Because our energy is where the focus of our thoughts. And loop not in the “now” becomes a powerful power drain.


Think of yourself a little. Then you were sure that in life nothing is impossible, that she was magical. And although you have a child had many challenges, experiences and even problems, you have time, if not all, a lot, and never really got tired, and if they get upset for a short while. Why?

Because children are able to enjoy, admire even the little things, to forgive and to love without conditions. This is the highest quality of the human soul, an inexhaustible source of vitality. With the maturation of these qualities are still there, but you are living too deliberately, pushing far your subconscious mind together with the “inner child”. Let him out often — this will restore you compared effectively with the Spa treatments, vacations and weekends together.

Allow yourself to jump in puddles, screaming from the heart; to substitute the language of the rain drops, trying them on taste; even late for work, notice the unusual leaf on a tree or a stone on the ground and take them with you — it will be your talisman; busily in the kitchen, don’t forget to take your eyes of the pots and look at the clouds — they just have the form of strange animals or real objects. Giving time to the children in the evenings, not lying down with them on the couch in front of the TV, and make a house out of blankets and chairs. And sitting in it, virtual travel with a child in uncharted territory — you can take house food and dinner there at “fire” draw “what he saw” during the “journey” (and tell each other about emotions and feelings when you “meet” exotic animals and their housing). And then go to “the woods” (real yard). And sitting on the edge of the “ravine” (the bench), full chest to breathe, savoring every note of the aroma of the evening air, count the stars in different colors, speaking with your child (or without it), why the world was created and how to fly high high to see if that hides a fascinating space and does it have an end.
Instead of lying in bed after the adventure, if the trouble of the day continue to disturb you and say to yourself, “What is all nonsense!”. And try to switch to the pleasant memories and planning tomorrow — of course, in a positive way. To bring this attitude to “stuff” to perfection, get a diary and every night write down everything that you surprised and delighted the day, things (events, people, and their phrases).

Another great way to gain strength is to find yourself a hobby, or better yet, renew child: this will accumulate your energy, because you show another child’s ability — a thirst and ability to create.


It is not necessary to perform the usual tasks, if you are sick, have not slept or began to look bad due to overuse. Delegate responsibilities to family members or even set aside the case, if no one gets hurt. And themselves with a clear conscience, lie in bed, go to the beautician or even a walk in the woods (Park) to put himself in tone. After all, if you put aside the fact that you have no strength (which is already a reason to feel sorry for himself), the discrepancy between desires (to rest) and reality (to be strong, come what may) causes internal conflict, and he takes away the strength.

Don’t forget: being a callous disregard for their desires, you become the position of the victim, and it also leads to loss of energy. If you forget about your body, it will enter in a vicious circle: it will begin to lose weight/get better, to cling sores, reminding yourself, you are going to ignore his needs, and it again is to send you signals. And in the end you will drive yourself into a state of chronic fatigue.