Press conference trump has hit the dollar

The dollar against the yen and the Euro after dropping last Wednesday’s press conference, the elected President of the USA of Donald trump where he did not provide clear details of the plan for economic stimulus in the United States.

So, in the morning the dollar against the yen dropped to 114,47 yen per dollar with 115,41 yen in the previous session. While on Wednesday it reached the level of 114.23 yen per dollar, which was the lowest reading since December 9. The Euro-dollar exchange rate rises to 1,0610 the dollar with 1,0581 dollars per Euro on the previous closing.

The dollar index (dollar to a basket of six currencies of countries – major U.S. trading partners) was down 0.26% to 101,47 points. On Wednesday he reached the level of 101,24 point, which was at least December 14.

Held a press-conference was the first since the triumph of the tramp in American elections. Analysts believe that it is the President-elect has not provided details of plans for economic stimulus, trade policy and taxation. Earlier, the hope for such measures supported the dollar.

“Trump also failed to provide investors desired time frame and details about planned measures, from infrastructure spending to trade agreements. There were no new details about the fiscal stimulus”, – stated in the review of UOB Bank.

According to experts, the last speech, trump was less encouraging for the markets than his speech after winning the election. “The press conference was not similar to a market-oriented… comments that trump made during a speech November 9” – the newspaper quoted The Wall Street Journal, an unnamed analysts Westpac Bank.

As reported, at a press conference, trump spoke a lot about Russia, he remembered the dirt that was previously published in the media, addressed the issue of personal interests in business and the transfer of enterprises to the management of the sons, announced the introduction of a new system of health and said that the border with Mexico will be “hard”.