Even at this time, the node will be cut by sanctions

Following the referendum, Turkey has moved into action to overcome the “trade” problems in relations with Russia. An extensive delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Sensecam (Mehmet Şimşek) went to Moscow to discuss the lifting of economic sanctions imposed by the Russian side against Turkey. The delegation, which includes Minister and Minister of economy Nihat Zeybekci (Nihat Zeybekçi), met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. After the meeting, Simsek wrote in his Twitter: “We had a productive meeting in Moscow. We have discussed all the problems. We intend to meet again in may and quickly find a solution to all issues”. Zeybekci also said the talks on Twitter: “We are in Moscow to ensure that our trade relations with Russia reached its real potential.” The Russian government made a statement after the talks said that the parties which are aimed at removing mutual restrictions in the shortest possible time. At the meeting, the delegation raised the question of the abolition of the prohibitions applicable to the import of fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, the requirements related to prohibitions on the activities of a number of sectors, particularly the construction business, and attraction of Turkish workers to return to the previous visa regime and the lifting of restrictions in the sphere of automobile cargo transportation.

Dominated by positive expectations

Member of the Board of the Assembly of exporters of Turkey and Chairman of the Board of the Union of exporters of the Western Mediterranean Satiji Mustafa (Mustafa Satıcı) about contacts in Russia, said: “We expect positive development”. Satiji, drew attention to the importance of the exports of Turkish agricultural products to Russia, like tomatoes, grapes, pomegranate, said that from the beginning of the crisis in relations between the two countries, the exporters were making plans, focused on other countries, but trade with Russia is also important for any country.

Products somehow went to Russia!

Satiji stressed that Turkey is one of the essential countries in the field of agriculture for Russia in the force for a suitable price, high-volume and freshness of the products. He also drew attention to the fact that Russia is also having problems because of the inability to sell wheat to Turkey. “Affected exports of both countries. We think that there will be some solution in the framework of mutual benefit,” said Satici.

And the head of the Association of farmers of Turkey hüseyin Demirtas (Hüseyin Demirtaş) commented on Russia imposed an embargo against agricultural products: “the Manufacturers of fresh vegetables and fruits have suffered some losses. But Turkey has found new markets. The products went to Ukraine. Somehow goes to Russia. It is said that in Russia, the goods go through Iraq. In Turkey even the growth of production. Russia not to import, began to build hothouses. Policy needs to use diplomatic language. Because there is a problem of markets and the European Union. The state should not depend on any one country in export. In addition, support is needed especially companies of small and average business”.

Israel released tomatoes from duties

In connection with the increase in the price of wholesale sales of tomatoes in Israel to seven pounds (seven shekels) per kilogram, the agriculture Ministry of Israel has decided to partially release from the customs duty on tomatoes imported from Turkey. In a statement on this subject no information on how many tomatoes will be imported from Turkey, but it is noted that the first batch of tomatoes are exempt from customs duties, will be imported to Israel next week.

Great harm to both countries

The damage from sanctions imposed by Russia against Turkey following the jet crisis, amounted to $ 1.5 billion, and for 2014-2016 Turkey has lost $ 1.7 billion. In Russian press it was reported that the ban imposed on the supply of Turkish tomatoes, has created more favorable conditions for domestic agricultural producers in Russia, and resulted in the Russian shops increased the price of tomatoes.

Tomato ban may be lifted

Assistant to the head of the Russian service for supervision of agricultural products (Rosselkhoznadzor) Alexei Alekseenko in a statement to Sputnik noted that the prohibition against tomatoes Turkish origin can be canceled, and added: “We have found the following situation: Turkish tomatoes are delivered to Russia through other countries. So we can remove the ban. When this happens, it is difficult to say. We will discuss this issue with our Turkish colleagues. Yesterday the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert said that the ban may be lifted”.

During the crisis that arose after the destruction by Turkey of the Russian plane, Russia imposed an embargo on imports from Turkey of certain goods, primarily tomatoes. When Turkey entered a customs duty of 130% on the import of wheat, maize, sunflower from Russia and in fact made impossible the import of these products, the crisis has moved into another phase.