How much cost outlet

Until the end of the school year remain a matter of weeks and at the end of may in Ukraine will start graduation. “Today,” found out what amount you need to spend parents this year, in order to release their child into adulthood.

Alas, the prices rose. If last year decent dress can be purchased for 1000-1500 UAH today for the same will have to pay 2,000 to 5,000 UAH. However, if you buy a dress in a boutique and specialty store. The mass market it is possible to find a decent alternative Ukrainian production and for 500-700 UAH. In addition, this year some of the seniors buy their graduation dresses to second.

“Well, that fashion on the lush dresses-cakes long gone, you can wear a beautiful simple dress and look cool, told us a graduate of the Kyiv school Anna Korik. — I bought the outfit for release in the second and was within 600 hryvnia.”
A decent suit for a graduate is about 3,000 UAH, and in retail stores and the more expensive — 5000-6000 UAH. Although it continues a trend: instead of jacket and shirt — vyshyvanka. According to Svetlana Grishina, mother of one of Kiev’s 11th graders, her son in her going to the prom. Embroidery will cost approximately UAH 1000, depending on the intricacy of the embroidery and quality of fabric.

WORKSHOPS AND DJS. But walk score graduates will traditionally. According to the Manager of one event agencies Victoria Ivanovoj, nothing supernatural clients don’t want. “Most often asked to find a suitable outlet for the restaurant,” says Victoria. And her colleague Olga Stec says it’s a complete package of services in organization of graduation starts from 70 thousand UAH, but customers are afraid to experiment. “The amount is more than decent, so I want a traditional restaurant, host, good music and a few popular shows,” she says.

Due to the high price of the organization of the holiday, many refuse to celebrate a graduation or looking for different opportunities to save. For example, if you find the photographer and the operator yourself, you can save a couple thousand. Significant savings you get when you abandon entertainment shows in favor of games for parties. In some cases the question can even put a treat in the restaurant and most of the graduates prefer active holidays to sitting at banquets.

Now the average check per person ranges from 500 to 1000 UAH, although the Banquet in a luxury place will cost twice the price. Parents also have to fork out for entertainment for favorite children. It can be various shows, games, performances by actors and musical groups, DJ sets. For example, hiring a DJ is from 3000 UAH, and put on a show with fireworks from paper — 5000 UAH. Leading the ceremony to pay 7 to 10 thousand UAH for the evening. Often order a bartender show (from 6, 5 thousand UAH), dancers (2 th). In addition, it is becoming increasingly popular organization of all workshops (from 4 thousand UAH) to enable not only alumni, but also their parents. Invited to the celebration photographer will cost an average of 5000 UAH. And to remove the exhaust in the video, it will take another 10 000 UAH.