Trump — Russia: a perverse relationship

The acting Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe (Andrew McCabe) said Thursday in Congress that the dismissal of James Comey, President did not stop the investigation on the possible collusion between Russia and the headquarters of the trump. This is good news. Although trump argues that the idea of conspiracy is “an absolute lie” and despite the many unknowns, the links in the chain continue to connect. Here are some of the links about which we know something.

Family business trump

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there of trump Tower, but not due to the fact that he did not seek to build it. Trump with his family tried to do business in Russia since the 1980-ies. They have also developed an extensive network of business and personal relations with the Russian businessmen with ties to politicians. In 2008 Donald trump Jr. said at a conference on real estate: “the Russians occupied a disproportionately large segment in many of our assets; for example, in Dubai, as well as in our project SoHo and in General in new York.” This is the website of the news about tourism by eturbonews. Author James Dodson (James Dodson) told me about the other son Eric trump, who said in 2013 that the Russians had funded his father in the construction of Golf courses, “well, we did not go to American banks. All the necessary funding we received from Russia”. Now Eric trump denies saying it.

In addition, Donald trump has collaborated with the family of a prominent Russian businessman Agalarov when carrying out in 2013 in Moscow of competition “Miss universe”. As reported by Bloomberg News, while in Russia, trump has met with many of the most famous oligarchs of this country. Jared Kushner, who married Ivanka trump and is a senior Advisor to the President, also implicated in this story with Russia. During the transfer of power to President-elect Trump Kushner met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and head of the Russian state Bank.

The world would know much more about foreign relations of trump, he will publish his tax returns, like all American presidents in the last 40 years.

Michael Flynn

The former national security adviser Flynn in the transition of presidential powers had a few conversations with Kislyak, who was devoted to the theme of us sanctions against Russia. Trump sent Flynn to resign when it became known that he lied to the Vice-President Mike Pence about the nature of these conversations. In addition, supported by the Russian state news channel RT Flynn paid 45 thousand dollars for a speech in Moscow in December 2015. During that trip, he sat beside President Vladimir Putin at the gala performance RT. The Pentagon is trying to figure out today, reported a retired military intelligence officer Flynn about his speech, the state Department and the Ministry of defence, and whether they gave him permission to receive from the foreign state charge for this performance.

Jeff Sessions

At the hearing with the approval of the Prosecutor General sessions said in the Senate that when he was actively working at the headquarters of trump, he had no contacts with the Russian representatives. In fact, he twice met with Kislyak, once in his office in the Senate, while the second Congress of the Republican party.

By Paul Manafort

The former Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump Manafort worked in Ukraine consultant Pro-Russian political parties, as well as the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, who enjoyed support from the Kremlin. Manafort accused that he secretly received money from this Pro-Russian party. Ten years earlier Manafort also worked for the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who has close ties with Putin. The Associated Press managed to obtain a memo written by Manafort Deripaska, in which he offers “very favorable for the Putin government” plan.

Carter Paige

U.S. officials believe that foreign policy adviser to Paige during the election campaign maintained contacts with representatives of Russian intelligence. In July 2016 he also gave a speech to the Pro-Russian content. Once Paige worked in the Moscow office of the investment Bank Merrill Lynch, where he worked with the state energy giant Gazprom.

Roger Stone

Unofficial but close Advisor to trump stone last summer messaged on Twitter with Guccifer 2.0. Many believe that this is a dummy account that concealed members of the Russian special services involved in hacking of hacking into the computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party and the headquarters of Hillary Clinton. During the election campaign, the stone, apparently, knew in advance that WikiLeaks will publish the emails of the Chairman of the headquarters Clinton John Podestà.

Trump and his assistants may hoarse shout that there’s no smoke, no fire. But in General, the known facts suggest the existence of an unusually extensive network of relations with major foreign powers. Anyone who cares about the reputation of the American electoral process, must insist on conducting a thorough investigation in order to determine whether Russia intervened in the election, and if so, how and through whom.