Psychobiology dissonance

Do not misunderstand me: I am a patriot with a statement, repeatedly banned in many forums for the fair and principled stand. But then my mind just does not stand up. Patriot Parasyuk (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk — approx. ed.), who single-handedly ripped the boiler under Ilovaisk, beaten repeatedly on a variety of fronts, got tear gassed. He managed to beat seven police officers, but they were the heroes of the Maidan, a volunteer who stopped the armored divisions of Putin in 2014. And at this point, Syroid (Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oksana Syroid — approx. ed.), turned off the lights in the hall.

It’s complicated. Before, it was just as “bloody regime” oppression of women, children, cattle being stolen, provocative raised salaries and pensions, mocked the hryvnia exchange rate, keeping it at around “8”. Scoundrel, thief and corrupt. Patriots, brothers and persons with unidentified until now, the orientation in the course of the great revolution swept away the scum, Tymoshenko was released from prison, where she languished. I would not hurry with its release, but was busy repelling the aggression of Putin. Yes, the great hybrid war. The best sons and daughters of Ukraine went to the front, some like Nadezhda Savchenko directly captured. Everything was simple and clear. It’s the patriots who shout SUGS (Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! — approx. ed.), and they are opposed by “hordes of Mordor”.

Until recently, all attempts to destabilize the stable situation in the host country of the Eurovision song contest clearly went to the patterns of the Kremlin’s plan “the connecting Rod”. If somebody protested against a stable hryvnia exchange rate and the planned increase of tariffs, this scumbag immediately showed a Russian passport. Or the certificate of the Colonel of the GRU. Therefore, all attempts of the Kremlin to organize a third Maidan failed.

And then began the blockade “occupied territories.” Legendary parasiuk beaten in different localities in the zone ATO. Moreover, began to beat the head of the anti-corruption Committee Yegor Sobolev, which is included in the beautiful European faction “Samopomich”. Began the Maidan, where the patriots ugly comments about the current government, calling her insulting words, some even boasted that it was an unnatural relationship with many prominent figures of the “revolution of gidnost”. I can not understand where here “, insert” of Putin, that the picture became clear and clear outlines? The police and the national guard created from crystal clear patriots, who scored the Georgians of special programs. Later, however, Georgians ran away, but the patriots left! And now on posts Vova parasiuk poison gas new police officers that grandmothers across the street and transferred to environmentally friendly “Priuses” drive. Them (“Prius”) not much left. Porazbivali. But I do not know.

For someone to hurt? Who to trust your voice? Believe President: he said that blocking is unlawful behavior. Therefore, Parasyuk and Sobolev bad people. But today the meeting of the national security Council, where it was decided to completely lock. As I write these lines, started a total blockade of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The concept has changed. There now don’t live the same Ukrainians, but with orcs and zombies from which to be walled off. Feel free to ask: parasiuk was beaten for what? For the decision of the security Council? Or he was doing a secret task of the party and the government? Who today heads the blockade? And when, finally, start to build the filtration camps?

Again, I can not understand who seized Donetsk and Lugansk? If Putin, the blockade had to enter three years ago. If not him, then it was not necessary to enter.

However, I decided to enter. But before that, drove the train, fought at checkpoints, and some heroes ATO brutally degrading the other heroes of the ATO. So who won in the end?

Can we consider today a national holiday? Type the Day of the siege. Beautiful and powerful. And still not clear: was the Kremlin’s actions “Self-help”? Listened to the statement of the Supreme commander and was horrified. It turns out that once European and liberal political force — “Self-help” suddenly I was the organizer of the riots in the ATO zone. Its activities led to the fact that the “invaders” pressed in the DNI and LC all Ukrainian enterprises. Can’t understand why they are not pressed before? Strange all. Lacking a clear and understandable position — who and what are the conditions in the “Self-help” works for Putin.

Let’s think logically: without a doubt, Ukraine soon Russia will win and will become a regional leader. We have done everything for this. In particular, threw unnecessary industrial ballast, Crimea and focused on high technology. Well, there are chickens in the nanograins feed, space startups using Scotch tape developed, groups on Facebook create. And then BAM! Unknown people in “military shape” come to the session hall and go to the parliamentary rostrum! And on another face from the beatings never ceased. Oksana Syroid was one on one with an unknown agent, who turned out later the representatives of the national guard, beaten Parasyuk yesterday. They just came to tell you how they beat the MP. With a mute, so to speak, reproach. But Oksana was scared of a military coup. Although there is reason to believe that it is also an agent.

In connection with the above demand urgently to block the supply to Ukraine, and how if something happens. Waiting for the decision of the NSDC. Please inform me in the usual way, i.e. by beating parasiuk and the arrival of the military in the session hall.