“This man is a true populist”: Norwegian and Danish users of Twitter on the inauguration ceremony of Donald trump


@Ingeborgborg: In 2008, Obama gave 533 promises kept half. It would be good to remember this when trump accused of lying.

@konservativ: it’s Nice that trump’s stretching her hand towards his enemies, using the famous Black Power salute. Very promising!

@KnutStorberget: what a sad speech trump. Hope for greater restraint and national and international reconciliation evaporated with each word.

@MortenMyksvoll: trump is capable of. To pretend that he cares for the people. He is a scammer, hiding their fascist nature for the “anti-elitist” facade.

@HansOlavLahlum: Donald trump remains Donald trump. And I am even more than ever before, I believe that it is bad news for the USA and for the world community…

@kjetilba: I’m most curious about is this: do not end up Donald trump his speech by saying “Let the games begin”!



@EsbenBjerre: Regardless of trump’s you’re for or against, we must be honest and say that he is a complete idiot in terms of tying ties.

@AbdelsTweet: trump says how Twitter writes: Too often and only offers 140 characters

@MadsBroberg: Donald trump is going to change America. He has changed the rules concerning the length of the ties.

@MwiWind: Think about what would happen if the Danish media coverage of the EU as passionately as US? More Europe, less than the United States and trump.

@Antorini123: When a fabulously wealthy politician with the taxes in the red, says about “the establishment” and stands for “the people”, this man is a true populist.