Ale VS lager: the main differences between the two varieties of your favorite beer

The type of fermentation, there are only two types of beer: Ales and lagers. Many love to drink something, and it is. But not all know the difference.

And yet few people know how to prepare these Beers are some of the correct glasses to drink them. Today we shed light on the darkness of ignorance.


The word “El” comes from the Indo-European language. Fortress of some varieties of this beer achieves a considerable 12% (but there is Ali with a turnover of just 3%). The first mention of the name “El” dated V-VI century ad. So El beer on order over lagers.

Immediately after the appearance of El immediately became not only popular, but beer No. 1 product. Reasons:

  • El quickly does not spoil and could be stored incredibly long;
  • did not need special storage conditions, had a great taste and ability to quench their thirst.

Interesting fact: there was a time when Ali was drunk more often than water. It was clean and proven product, which is not true of ordinary water at the time.

El is prepared by the method of top fermentation at relatively high temperature is 17-24 °C. the lighter yeast is used for ale, I love the heat and more comfortable feel at high temperature.

But the main feature of such a fermentation— intensive allocation of the various essential compounds, due to which the El has a bright and rich aroma. Add to that several types of aromatic and bitter hops. And formed distinct, recognizable and slightly sweet taste of real Ales, with a special finish.

The main feature of ale is much more diverse than lager, why he so loved craft brewery. This is a beer where the brewer can 100% show off their skills. There are several basic styles of brewing Ales, English and American, and each of them has its own rules, and, of course, its own peculiarities of taste.


70% of all Beers on the planet — this is Ali. The most advanced and popular varieties:

  • pale-ale, which includes such famous varieties as American pale, amber ale;
  • bitter;
  • Belgian ale (lambic);
  • German El;
  • porter;
  • stout;
  • strong ale, etc.

Today one of the most advanced countries in the production of ale — USA. The most popular types of Ales in the States:

  • American pale-ale;
  • American amber ale;
  • American brown ale;
  • Indian pale-ale (one of the most popular varieties of craft beer in the US).

American pale-ale has a spicy taste, and in comparison with other varieties of ale is light in color.

An American amber ale. Also called red ale. This variety has a light caramel flavor, it is more dense, darker, deeper and more balanced in terms of bitterness and malt taste.

American brown ale. The name itself already hints at the fact that beer brown color. Main feature: caramel flavor with notes of chocolate and nuts smooth hop bitterness. It is worth noting that all North American Ales differ perceptible pleasant bitterness in the finish.

Indian pale-ale. Another kind of ale, heavily loaded with hops. Due to this the beer a rich aroma and a pleasant bitterness. But first of all Indian pale-ale boasts a “fruity-citrus and pine” notes of taste. That is such a beer rich aromas:

  • needles;
  • peach;
  • pineapple;
  • peel;
  • mango, melon, grapefruit, etc.

As with Ales in Ukraine?

In Ukraine real Ales can be enjoyed in any of the craft Breweries Breweries in the country. There they are delicious and cool. Look in there for a glass or two, and guarantee you will not regret.

And those who do not have time / opportunity / desire to travel the country in search of craft Breweries Breweries, I advise you to try a new ale from Robert Domes — new creation of legendary Ukrainian brewery. El is already available, is adequate money, the taste is top class. Tested all editors did so repeatedly, continuing until now.


The word “lager” is derived from the German “Lagerbier” beer, dautrevaux during storage. According to one of the most popular versions, technology for the production of lager was invented by German monks in the Middle ages. The beer was so tasty that it immediately caught on. And today lager has become one of the most popular Beers: the share of consumption in the global market — 70%.

The main feature of camp — production by bottom fermentation and low temperatures to 15 °C.

  • Bottom fermentation is when the yeast in the infusion down.

Thanks to this technology lager has become one of the most “robust” Beers — may be stored up to two years and do not lose their taste. By the way, about the taste: it is soft and has many “shades” (depending on the varieties of lager).

Varieties of lagers

Thanks to modern technologies developed varieties of lager today for every taste and color. Among themselves they are divided in the following classifications:


  • light;
  • dark;
  • dim.
  • Groups:

  • European;
  • German;
  • American;
  • side;
  • Pilsner etc.
  • Each of these varieties has a different strength (from 3.5% to 6%). There is even an unfiltered lager. In Ukraine a wide assortment of dim (Robert Doms Density) and dark (Robert Doms Munchinsky) lagers. But if run on local pubs-Breweries, you can find much more.