“NIBULON” water opens the passenger traffic on the Dnieper and southern bug

The leader of the agrarian sector of Ukraine, the company “NIBULON” on may 13, will start to carry out regular passenger transportation in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions in the waters of the rivers the southern bug and the Dnieper. This was reported on the website of the company.

According to “NIBULON”, the flights will be operated on three routes: Voznesensk – Kovalevka – New Odessa – Nikolaev (morning route in the evening in the opposite direction), Nova Kakhovka, Kherson, Golaya Pristan Kherson (morning flight in the evening back), Nikolaev – the kinburnsky braid Ochakov (schedule in development). Flights from Voznesensk is scheduled to perform Friday through Monday starting may 13, in the Kherson region – from 14 may to Ochakov from June – daily. In the daytime, will run pleasure flights in Mykolaiv and Kherson.

The duration of travel on the route Voznesensk – Nikolaev and Kiev – Naked Pier will be about two hours, Kherson – New Kakhovka – about an hour, Kherson – Hola Prystan – about half an hour.

The ticket price starts from UAH 24. for the period S. Kovalevka – New Odessa. From Voznesensk to Nikolaev can be reached in 75 UAH. from Nova Kakhovka in Golaya Pristan – 102 UAH. from Nikolaev on the Kinburnsky braid – 150 UAH. Detailed schedule and prices posted on the website of the company.

Ships “NIBULON Express” can also be rented at a price of $ 110. per hour in the hryvnia equivalent for private tours.

According to General Director of “NIBULON”, Hero of Ukraine Alexey Vadatursky, the project of passenger traffic on the Dnieper and the southern bug for company is part of the corporate social responsibility program, so ticket prices have been calculated without regard to profits. “Otherwise, water travel on the river would be more expensive than the bus, because now due to the Ukrainian legislation illogical and contrary to common sense for the carriage of goods by water is more expensive than by rail,” – said A. Vadatursky.

The company noted that the start of regular water passenger flights, was probably the most awaited event for inhabitants of the Nikolaev and Kherson region. Besides logistics, the company also took the development and maintenance of coastal infrastructure.

For example, with special responsibility in the company reacted to the proper level of the quay infrastructure on the kinburnsky spit. “The establishment of a special floating dock for mooring of the hydrofoil will not disturb the ecosystem and biodiversity of the National natural Park “beloberezhye Svyatoslav”. This floating pier is unique for Ukraine: made of foam it has a 100-percent reserve buoyancy and buoyancy. The pier will be installed in the zone of stationary recreation at a distance from the shore roughly 150-170 m to ensure the required depth for safe approach of a vessel (2.5-3.0 m). To the floating pier will be summed up the approach bridge consisting of metal and concrete structures”, – noted in the “NIBULON”.

The company also expressed gratitude to the representatives of the authorities, which contributed to the realization of this project. In particular, words of gratitude were addressed to the Chairman of Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeyev, the mayor of Voznesensk Vitaly Bows.

Recall that the intention to revive water passenger transport company “NIBULON” announced at the end of last year. In the fall of “NIBULON’s” fleet added passenger vessels hydrofoils (Raketa) under the Ukrainian flag with the name of “NIBULON Express”, and the company’s specialists started the study and the analysis of possibilities of organization of regular passenger water transport in Ukraine. The result was elected the most popular among residents of the region routes.