Every day is a new victory: yesterday destroyed five “Shells” (Yeni Şafak, Turkey)

The national consensus government of Libya, supported by Turkey, each day wins a new victory over the forces of the Haftarot. Over the past two days was destroyed six air defense systems of the Russian production of “Armor,” presented Haftarot UAE. After the success achieved on the field of battle, the tribes of Arabia and the city of Mizda has announced the support of the Government of national consensus. As a major supporter of the Haftarot UAE for the first time spoke about the “ceasefire”.

The legitimate Libyan army, supported by Turkey, one after the other wins the victory over the militias of the coup the Haftarot (Haftar). After taking control of the strategic base of al-Watya troops, striking enemy forces on other fronts. The shock of the UAV of Turkish origin destroyed a large number of targets in the South of Abu Grein, the Tarhuna and Sirte. Now the Libyan army controlled the national consensus Government (NTC), is heading to the town of Tarhuna, located 90 kilometers South-East of the capital Tripoli.

Moving South, the NTC forces clashed with supporters of the Haftarot in Arabia. Strike UAVs that supported the NTC forces from the air, bombed the armored vehicle type “Nimr” (Nimr) produced by the UAE, one howitzer and three combat vehicles. Press Secretary of the headquarters for the operation “Volcano of anger” held by the Libyan army, Mustafa al-Medjai (Mustafa al-Mejai) reported on the readiness of the plan for the liberation of the city of Tarragon, used by militants of the Haftarot as a center of coordination of operations and logistics in the attacks on the capital, and said that soon the operation is complete. Meanwhile, it is argued that the NTC announced Tarragon “closed military zone” and said that all the elements that try to enter the city without permission will be attacked.

Hunt and strike UAVs for air defense system

While in the West of Libya continues with the dramatic retreat of the Haftarot, supported by Russia, UAE, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Greece, the world’s attention has focused on the superiority of the shock UAV “Bayraktar” (Bayraktar) on the Russian weapons systems in the region. As of noon may 20 UAV of Turkish origin killed in Libya more than 10 air defense systems “Shell-S1”, five of them only last 24 hours. It is reported that in recent days the shock of the UAV and artillery troops defused a total of five air defense systems “Armour-C1”, each of which costs about $ 15 million, including three in the Tarragon, one in Vishki and another to the South of the capital. During the operation of the Turkish armed forces in the Syrian Idlib under the name “spring Shield” Turkish UAV was struck by such Russian-made weapons as “Armor”, “Thor”, s-300, and that now in Libya Russian weapon systems catch “like flies”, once again demonstrated technological superiority aircraft of Turkish origin. Along with this, the shock of the UAV with accurate shots and neutralized the Russian system of electronic warfare “Krasuha” in Libya.

We support the government

The success of the Libyan army on the battlefield, makes to move into the ranks of the NTC and those who have previously taken a position on the side of the Haftarot. After the tribes of the city of Arabia located on the route Tripoli — Tarragon, announced that they now support the NTC, the city of Mizda to the South-West of Tripoli also expressed support for the Libyan government. In a joint written statement issued under the signature of the local Council Mizda and leading representatives of the municipal community, expressed “support for the legitimate government led by Faiz al-Barragem (Faiz as-Serraj) and operation “Volcano of anger” held by the Libyan army against the militants of the Haftarot”. In the application with reference to the Haftarot also States that “the city of Mizda will, together with Tripoli as long as the pure land of Libya will not be cleared from this noxious plants”. The city of Mizda is among the important items on the supply lines of weapons and ammunition to the city of Tarragon, which the militants use the Haftorah as a center of coordination of operations and logistics in the attacks on the capital.

Seeing difficulties, called for the cease-fire

Seeing the victory of the Libyan army, supported by Turkey, UAE, which to date has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the success of a recruit of the CIA Haftorah, grabbed the map “cease-fire”.

Minister of state for foreign Affairs of the UAE Anwar Gargash (Gargash Anvar) has called for a ceasefire and tweeted: “Without an immediate comprehensive ceasefire and return to political process in Libya in achieving real progress impossible. For a political settlement, it is imperative to stop the escalation in the region.”

It is noteworthy that the so-called call Gargash ceasefire coincided with the voiced in the UN Security Council by saying that the UAE supports the militias of the Haftarot weapons.

The permanent representative of Libya to the UN Tahir as-Sunni (Tahir as-Sunni) said: “in Libya there is overwhelming evidence that the UAE supplying weapons to the country,” and showed images of the weapons transferred to UAE war criminal Haftarot. It is known that UAE has deployed fighters Haftorah “Shells” Russian-made helicopters “Super Puma” (Puma Süper) from South Africa, the domestic impact of the UAV “Abhor” (Yabhon), the UAV “Orlan-10” Russian-made transport planes of the Soviet production An-26 and Il-76, and the shock UAV “Wing lung II” (Wing Loong II) in China. In addition, the UAE also take on the costs of the Russian and Sudanese mercenaries fighting in the ranks of the Haftarot.

Refuse the Haftarot

Close to Al-Sisi (President of Egypt — approx. ed.), the official talked to Egyptian media, said that UAE and Egypt are preparing to stop supporting the Haftarot on the background of the military successes of the Libyan government in the country. Egyptian official who gave an interview to “Mada IFSW” (Mada Masr) on condition of anonymity, said: “the Question to ask today is what kind of solution Alliance Egypt — UAE — France, who all this time supported the Haftarot, will take on further steps in connection with the defeat of the Haftarot. Now no one will be able to bet on the Haftarot”. And the expert of the Netherlands Institute Clingendael, Jalal Harawi (Jalal Kharshavi) in an interview with the same website gave the following assessment: “in the Spring of 2020, it became evident that the UAE can not demonstrate a military and diplomatic influence to defend the Haftarot and their attack on Tripoli. UAE can’t compete with Turkey — a NATO member with no military or strategic point of view.”