Who earned the most money: the highest paying profession in Ukraine

In Ukraine at the end of last year the average salary increased by 22%, and the minimum wage in January 2017, MgO raised to 200%. As economists say, inflation, which over the past few years has exceeded 60%, “ate” is the result of indexation of salaries. Most from the price increase affects retirees, least of all those who earn more than 10 thousand hryvnia. The website “Segodnia” find out who in Ukraine earns more money.

According to the Public service statistiki among professions traditionally the championship in the level of earnings is a specialty in the field of air transport – the average salary 27 237 USD. The salaries of financiers and insurers rose to 10 507 hryvnias, while the IT-specialists in Ukraine on average earn 9636 hryvnia.

At the same time in the ranking of the HR portal work.U in the first place were the teachers of Chinese language (it profession was not taken into account), with an average salary of more than 29 thousand hryvnias. In the second place the Finance Director (22.7 thousand hryvnia). And completing the top ten flight attendants with an average salary 16,5 thousand hryvnias.

By the way, salaries in the private sector next year may increase by 10-30%. “As for business, he adds wages in the corridor from 10% to 30% for miscellaneous employees per year. But that is the average temperature in the hospital. In fact, with a good “weather”, 30% – the maximum for which wages go up. If the company in 2016, worked well, and they have ambitious plans for 2017, the salary can grow maximally. If there are any limiting factors – 10-20% is as much as can be added to the salary”, – says HR expert rabota.ua Tatyana Pashkina.