Who is source D?

In June, an American businessman originally from Belarus named Sergei Millian has shared very interesting information about Donald trump.

According to the Millian, trump is a long — standing relationship with representatives of the Russian leadership, and now these representatives gave him incriminating information on the candidate from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Millian said received trump information was “very useful”.

Millian told his friend, not knowing that the content of the conversation will be made public. This friend told that he heard a former employee of British intelligence, whose political rivals trump hired to collect information about the links that a Republican with Russia.

Application of the Millian, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, and then wrote the Washington Post, has occupied a Central place in the dossier compiled by the former spy Christopher Steele (Christopher Steele). The content of this dossier have not been inspected for compliance with reality, and trump made there assertion denies. The document Steele says that the story of the Millian confirmed by other sources, including from the Russian government and security services.

The scandalous statement of the Millian (which refers to the author of the dossier) is that trump called prostitutes when he stayed in Moscow hotel Ritz-Carlton, and that the Kremlin was recorded sexual favors American.

Judging by the changing statements of the Millian, he is cunning and practical businessman, I went into entourage and a trump in the Kremlin, or a bystander who unwittingly appeared in the center of the global scandal.

If you examine the career of a Millian, it’s clear he’s both. With his statements it helps to solve the challenge facing the FBI, which is investigating alleged attempts by Russia to manipulate the us political system and trying to figure out, does not participate in this assistants trump.

It also shows why trump can’t get away from this story about the relations with Russia. Some of the statements attributed to the dossier the Millian seem very strange and questionable, but there are indications that he had contacts with the people around trump.

Millian told several people that during the campaign, and devolution of power to the new President, he was in touch with an Advisor to trump on foreign policy George Papadopoulos (George Papadopoulos). Millian is among 240 “friends” Papadopoulos on Facebook.

Assistants trump resolutely refutes the statement of the Millian about his close ties with trump and on access to the leadership of his staff.

Millian got a list of detailed questions about relationships with trump and about his role in the dossier Steele, but he did not answer them, but limited by the electronic letter in which lengthy defended trump, calling his election “God’s will”, and complained that the investigation into his involvement in the case shows about the “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism.”

“Any fraud, deception, and false statements against the American President, prejudice the national security interests of the United States, wrote Millian in one of the messages. — Publishing defamatory stories on the integrity of the President and offensive material about the presidential family, it is a malicious propaganda and a threat to national security, which are aimed at undermining the reputation of the United States and fomenting unrest in the society with the aim of weakening political influence of the United States in the world.”

At the end of January Millian appeared on Russian television, where he said that he did not know about any information that could harm the Trump. “I want to say that I have not and could not be any compromising information, neither Russia nor the United States, he said, speaking in Russian. Is without a doubt a blatant lie and an attempt by certain people (and this is clearly a group of people) to represent our President in a bad light, using my name.”

Dossier Steele, which trump called “lime” and “information stuffing” and Russian President Vladimir Putin “nonsense” consists of a series of messages devised by Steele for several months before the election.

Of Millian, in which different sections of the dossier called the “source D”, “source E” Steele described as “a close associate of trump.”

In addition to lustful innuendo, has attracted great attention, the dossier and other statements attributed to the Millian. For example, Steele wrote that the Millian talked about “a carefully designed secret agreement on cooperation between trump and the Russian leadership”, stating that these relations for trump established the former Chairman of his campaign by Paul Manafort. Press Secretary Manafort said that “every word of the dossier on the Field Manaforce is false.”

Some friends of Millian say he’s rather self-important chatterbox, rather than a mediator on a global scale. According to them, Millian engaged in self-promotion and cleverly sneaks into a television — like the time when he in 2013 he appeared in an episode of the reality show “the Deal is” one million, trying to make a deal with one Russian client who agreed to pay seven million dollars in cash for a luxurious apartment in new York.

“He’s an opportunist. If he sees a favorable occasion, he tries to grab for him, — said Tatiana Osipova, who lived in the neighborhood Millian in Atlanta and helped him to establish in 2006 the Russian-American chamber of Commerce in the United States. Osipova now lives in St. Petersburg, but communication with the Millian is not lost. — He is an interesting person, smart. But he’s always talking. And says a lot of shit”.

The name of Millian at birth — Sergey Kukut. His friends say that he changed his name and decided to choose something more elegant. Giving in July ABC News interview, he said he changed his name in honor of her grandmother, who was Milianowicz. Sometimes he goes by the name of Sergio Millian.

“My overall impression of him is that he just wanted to be the important person. Nobody really didn’t know what he does and his house, but he imagined himself with great fanfare, the photographer said from new York Discover Nadia (Nadia Diskavets), who was also among the founders of the Russian-American chamber of Commerce, but in recent times had no contact with Millian. — So his words I’ve always taken with a grain of salt”.

About the same said about him to a friend who said that Millian was exaggerating his connections with trump and Russian. “It’s too small of a fish to do business with the Russians, she said. — These people will feel his littleness per kilometer”.

38-year-old Millian was born in Belarus and studied at the University in Minsk. Commenting on the Russian-American chamber of Commerce biography of Millian says that he studied at a military interpreter.

In the early 2000-ies the young and unmarried specialist came to Atlanta, where he lives a large Russian-speaking community. Friends of Millian from Atlanta told me that he was in real estate. And in one of his summary, posted online, States that he was engaged in translation, and among his clients was the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Friends say that Millian established the Russian-American chamber of Commerce for business linkages between the US and Russia, as well as for expansion of relations and acquaintances.

The involvement of the Millian to the organization with the same name increased his popularity in Russia. He on behalf of his chamber organized events in the U.S. and abroad. And when Millian moved to new York, he regularly began to take an interview with Russian news magazine, presenting that person an expert on Russian-American relations. In 2011, he traveled to Moscow due to the Russian state cultural organizations, which later was investigated by the FBI, suspecting her of recruiting spies. However, no indication that the case featured Millian, was not.

The stories of Millian about his relationship with trump has changed over time. When the candidate of the Republican party in the spring of 2016 began his political ascent, and when nobody was investigating his relationship with Russia, Millian told the media that he has a very deep connection with this new York magnate in real estate.

In April last year, he told the Russian state news Agency “RIA Novosti” that he had met with trump on the racetrack in Miami when the “friends in common” in 2007, the businessman organized a trip to Moscow.

Then, according to the Millian, he concluded with him a business arrangement, pledging to advertise among foreign investors, including, among Russians, a residential complex trump Hollywood, Florida.

How Millian describes the meeting in Miami, matches the photo posted on Facebook. In it, he poses together with trump and the head of the project Jorge Perez (Jorge Pérez). This is the only evidence of the Dating of the Millian with trump.

Representative Perez said that in the accounting Department of his company has no record of the payment to the Millian cash compensation in the framework of the project, and Perez from the further comments has refused.

White house spokesman said: “Sergei Millian is one of the hundreds of thousands of people were photographed with the President, but they don’t know each other”.

However, the Millian claims that he maintained ties with trump.

In the newsletter, placed in 2009 on the website of the Russian-American chamber of Commerce, reported that she signed a “formal agreement” with the Trump Organization and with the company of Perez on “a joint service of the Russian clients to meet their commercial needs, and housing needs and industrial real estate.”

In an interview to “RIA Novosti” Millian boasted that when he was in new York, trump introduced him with his “right hand” by Michael Cohen (Michael Cohen), has long worked as his adviser. Cohen refutes this assertion.

“He’s the chief confidant of trump, and pass through all of the contracts, said Millian Russian news Agency, and then added. — I participated in the signing of a contract on advertising in Russian real estate projects trump”.

“You could say that I was their exclusive broker, said Millian. — In 2007-2008, Russians were buying dozens of the houses of trump in the USA”.

In an April interview, he was asked how often he spoke to trump and his assistants. Millian said, “Last time was a few days ago.”

Last year, Millian said that he had contact with Papadopoulos, which trump in March 2016 called in an interview with the Washington Post editorial Board member of his foreign policy team and a “great guy.”

Papadopoulos has attracted attention during the campaign, mainly because of reports that he exaggerated his merits and achievements in summary, writing about his participation in the UN program for students and graduates.

But according to reports in foreign media and officials, Papadopoulos last year held a number of important meetings and was seen as a member of the staff of trump. He said in Israel, a group of scientists that trump sees in Putin a “responsible leader and potential partner,” reported the Jerusalem Post. He later met with a representative of the British foreign Ministry in London, said press Secretary of the Embassy. He also criticized the U.S. sanctions against Russia in interview to the Russian Agency “Interfax”.

Papadopoulos has not responded to questions about contacts with Millian. But in the email he said that his comments during the election campaign are a reflection of his personal views, and that some of his views on energy policy are contrary to Russian interests. “None of the staff never asked me to discuss the topics of negotiations,” he said. And in another letter, he accused the Washington Post that the paper is “innuendo” and “unsubstantiated claims of insignificant sources.”

Neither Millian nor White house spokesman did not answer questions about Papadopoulos. Details failed to obtain and have a friend with these contact.

In the summer, when the trump was preparing for the nomination as the candidate of the Republican party, Millian visited Russia. On his Facebook page he posted photos from the Russian government organized a summit in St. Petersburg, which took place in June. In one photograph he stands next to the Russian Minister of energy, on the other speaks with a Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, who is close to Putin. Press Secretary Deripaska declined to comment. The representative of the Russian Embassy did not answer the questions about Millian.

Summer Millian continued to brag about his connections with trump.

ABC News, he talked about how that was the “official mediator” from the residential complex trump, and stated that Trump likes to work with the Russians. Millian pointed to “hundreds of millions of dollars received by trump from contacts with Russian businessmen.”

Millian added that trump “love Russia, because he like beautiful Russian women like to talk with them, of course. And he likes to make with the Russians a lot of money”.

Millian told ABC that “absolutely nothing” is not associated with the Russian special services. But when asked if he had heard the rumors on this subject, he replied: “Yes, of course.”

According to the Millian, sometimes he talked about American politics with senior Russian leaders. “Usually, if I’m meeting with important people from the Russian government, they invite me in, say, the Kremlin to the reception. And of course, in this case I have the opportunity to speak with advisers of the President and some senior people,” he said.

Although Cohen has stated that he had never met with Millian, last year they talked on Twitter. Cohen for some time been among his followers, and then in August, they talked on Twitter after the speech of the priest on television.

Sergei Millian @SergeiMillian 19.8
A lawyer for trump says, “who says” when he reported that trump loses.

Michael Cohen @MichaelCohen212
Have you seen the results of polls, officially announced today?

Later Cohen ceased contact with Millian, telling the Washington Post that he mistook him for an employee of the Trump Organization, which has a similar name.

“It’s a complete quack, said Cohen in an interview. — All that says this person is untrue. While he has a morbid interest in ensuring that his name would appear in Newspapers.”

Cohen said he did not believe the claims of the Millian that trump in 2007 was in Russia.

According to him, it is possible that like other brokers in Florida, Millian tried to sell the house trump in Hollywood. However, Cohen noted that the Millian has never been exclusive agreements in the framework of this project, as there was no contract with the Trump Organization.

Giving a January interview with the Washington Post on the phone from his new York office, Cohen read aloud a lengthy letter he had received from Millian shortly before the elections and contradicting his previous public statements.

“I met trump once. It was back in 2008. We just took pictures and talked a bit about my marketing work for the project, Trump Hollywood after signing the contract for the provision of intermediary services. Talk about the fact that we support the content, it’s complete bullshit,” Cohen read an excerpt from the letter of Millian, written after his name began to be mentioned in the media.

In this letter Millian proposed to hold a press conference, so we are completely clear, said Cohen. He refused this proposal and in the response letter accused the Millian in an effort to “to distract media attention from their false statements about trump’s Alliance with Russia”, although he met with a Ladder only once, and then “10 seconds to take pictures”.

Cohen in January resigned from the Trump Organization to become the personal legal counsel of the trump. This month he said he could not publish the letter of Millian, as it has no more access to company email.

In South Florida, where, according to the Millian, he signed a contract for the sale of housing in the complex Trump Hollywood, there is almost no evidence that it played some important role.

When the company Perez failed to complete the project, its implementation in 2010, took over the firm BH3. Its leader Daniel Libenson (Daniel Lebensohn) said that in the report there is no indication that the Millian apartments sold in this building.

In disbelief there were two Florida agent real estate, which spetsializiruyutsya on the Russian market and have sales experience in the complex Trump Hollywood. “Never heard about it,” said Olga Mirer, who often travels to Russia to enter into transactions for the sale of housing in the complex trump and other houses of Florida.

Although the team trump is trying to distance the President from the Millian, “source D”, however, visited in January for his inauguration.

On Facebook he posted their photographs taken during important events for high-ranking supporters of the trump. One of him posing in front of the podium in a Washington hotel trump at the reception of the head of the presidential administration of the Raines of Primus (Reince Priebus). A White house spokesman did not answer the question about whether Millian at this reception.

The article was written with the participation of Alice Crits (Alice Crites) and David Filipov (David Filipov).