The mono on the positive: the Pavlograd converted into a comfortable place to live, self-development and sport

In the Park opposite the town hall children play. Here eclecticism: new roller coaster side by side with the old, in the form of locks. A lot of people, hard at work — just brought the ground. Pavlohrad feels the breath of spring and blossoms.

— I moved here in 2014-m. Friends invited, took the baby and mother, — says Vika. She works at DTEK “Pavlogradugol”. Previously worked at another plant of the company lawyer, now changed his profession and took up communications. — New profession — the professional development, comprehensive development, learn a lot for yourself. Plan to live here, to build a career. Of course, there is, on the uncontrolled site, have relatives that I visit them, but the Derby has become a second home.
The city looks surprisingly optimistic: a lot of kids, lots of greenery, lots of sports, mobile coffee, wood sculptures, shops, good road.

Future Playground. Soon there will begin to play with the local kids

Vyacheslav Gusarov was born here in 1987, he builds his career in his hometown.

He studied in the Pavlograd technical school, graduated in 2008, he entered the mining University of Dnipropetrovsk. In the fifth year became a member of the first experimental group and DTEK. There was a set on a competitive basis, two conditions — good grades and living in region, — Vyacheslav tells. — Graduated from Agnitum, got a stashkova mine mechanic, now the head area.

Not planning to leave — his home is here.

— Here the river, he smiles. — I’m a fisherman, it’s not even a hobby, the sickness, keen on spinning. And, of course, the native mine — the most stable and high-paying job in the field. Life is great: parks, forests, rivers. The city is clean, is where to spend your free time. What else do you need?

Romance. At the river gather beautiful flowers

But the most important thing here (except mines, of course) — perhaps a sport. Pavlohrad is famous for its Champions, they are almost all sports — from dance to martial arts.

— The team of the company in volleyball is very strong, we won in inter-branch competitions, participated in many tournaments, explains the miners of the mine “Heroes of Space” and connecting national team player in volleyball Sergei Prikhodko. — I’m non-native, 12 years ago moved here. The city liked it: a promising, growing, a lot of young people, and sports. Pavlohrad continues to change for the better and now utilities have earned better roads, paving, parks, landscaping. Much nicer was nicer. And happily, that they see development.
However, said immediately Sergey — most notably developing a sole sports — youth enjoys workout (competition on the bar), swinging on the gym, does martial arts. Although they do in volleyball, a steady wave: only recently, two graduates of local youth came to work at the mine and are now playing in the national team.

Wushu. Young masters show class in our new gym


The city itself — the current centre of the Carboniferous basin of the Western Donbass have always been popular. This was facilitated by a favorable geographical position, and reserves of mineral resources, and industry. In 1660 here were the secret of the Cossack crossing, then came the hibernation house that was transformed into a farm, and later in the village Matveevka. It was renamed in Lugansk — as the headquarters of the Luhansk pikemen (infantry fighting with pikes). With the formation of the Yekaterinoslav region Pavlohrad takes its present name, in honour of the heir to the throne of Paul the First.

Plan of the city is himself William Hastie, the chief architect of Imperial Russia, whose assets Tsarskoye Selo, cast iron bridges in St. Petersburg, Kontraktova square in Kiev. By the end of the XVIII century, it has almost 2.5 thousand residents.

A century later, the Pavlograd is a famous centre of trade in grain and flour. Local bread is eaten throughout the Russian Empire, as well as in London and Istanbul. The city has many factories, there is a city Bank.

In the Soviet Union to immediately build Artprice — the future main site of the Soviet Union, the defense industry working two factory. Then German occupation, concentration camp for prisoners of war.
After the war appeared in the engineering, construction, chemical, processing plants, light and food industries. And in the 1950s began the history of Pavlograd, as the center Zapadnogermanskaya coal basin.

In 1960-1980-s of the local plants produce Intercontinental ballistic missiles and the engines for them.

In the 1990s, life was so-so: the company gradually died, people went to work. In the 2000s, “Pavlogradugol” has become part of DTEK — and the city came alive again. Now here are 10 of the mines, is divided into five colliery administrations, and the Central processing plant. “Pavlogradugol” produces nearly 50% of all of coal country, is 18.4 million tons. About 10 thousand employees live in Pavlograd, that is in fact a third of the population (not counting contractors) of the city are connected with the mines. That is why here you can meet miner-DJ miner-athlete, miner-master of ceremonies and so on.
Now, next to the ATO and in the conditions of crisis. don’t give up: here we are implementing major plans of the local authorities, are repairs, improving infrastructure. It compares favorably with many Ukrainian towns your mood: it’s bright, city, clean, and positive.

Saturday. Employees the company clean up the Park


Local residents — people initiative. In just four years in grants “City with own hands” (people submit their ideas, DTEK and local authorities choose the best of them and Finance) won 52 (!) project from Pavlograd. This children’s sports and playgrounds, a climbing wall, playgrounds for street workout (three), mini-parks, kayaking centre, bus station, youth centre, school gym and so on. In the first year of the contest received 27 applications, of which 7 winners, and in 2016 the number of applications rose to 47, of which the winners were 20.

Workout. People come to the platform to the ground

Youth centre “Positive.” is located in the basement of culture centre “MIR”. The room is Laden with mountains of garbage, but there are three girls who decided that this is a great place for youth parties. In the grant competition they won two years in a row, in the end, the former metal warehouse was transformed into a spacious hall with design repair, good floors, a stage and lots of seats.

— The idea to equip the basement was long ago, — says the head of the Youth center of communication “Positive.” Alexandra Seleninic. We created his movement and realized: we need an alternative to the cafes, shops. Wrote the proposal and got the grant. And now it’s a cool place where young people are quiz (quiz) competition on table games, film screenings, English club, knitting club and so on. Every person is different in response: can proverite free training courses. On average, in addition to classes, there are 2-3 events per week.

Stand “Positive Pavlograd”. There are posters of events

However, some entertainment is not an end.

— We are proud of our adaptation of children-orphans, — said Board member of the organization Alice Fox. We worked with orphanages in Pavlograd and the village of Mezhyrich, the project lasted six months and continues. Not only entertained them, but also taught to do something: he brought the potters, taught to sculpt from clay. Participated in a project where everyone made a film about himself.

These trainings were conducted for displaced people modular town.

Group “Positive.” was created to overcome the negativity that young people go to big cities, not stay there and did something for the city. We are no worse than, say, Dnepr or Kharkov, we also have a club where they can meet and self-actualization — emphasizes the Board member of the center for Tanya Volkov.
In our conversation breaks into a quiet meowing in the corner, behind chairs, is a box of kittens. There’s four of them, very tiny.

The mother cat. Had to bring the kittens

— When passed, the Pavlograd jam session guys ran cat. Kick her out, we could not, stayed here and gave birth to four kittens. They have already reserved, we will distribute, says Alice. — On the future of the center has big plans. This transition to a system of coworking, and more events, and ongoing work from 10:00 to 23:00. Unfortunately, time is not enough for all. Yes and money too, but help sometimes comes from unexpected places: for example, the game “Munchkin” (comic play), the boys were given a publishing house that translated it into Ukrainian.


In front of the school №12 was surrounded by a huge stadium, a massive soccer field, obstacle course, horizontal bars, basketball and volleyball courts.

— Two dozen cars of garbage were taken, — shares his memories of the gym teacher with 25 years of experience Irina Peresada. There was an old stadium, a small field, has grown poplar roots. I heard about the “City with own hands”, wrote a proposal and went to work, and teachers, parents and children. Installed equipment, did the obstacle course — there is useful knowledge of mathematics and building skills.

The main pride of the school is not a Playground, and a new gym, which is… on the fourth floor of the building. We go through dressing room with locker rooms, go inside, and I immediately have a desire to wheel. The gym is really notable — equipped, but most importantly, of course gender: not a standard, wooden, and rubberized, soft and green. In the center hangs a huge banner with a photo history of sporting achievements of the school.

The school pride. Children can always see their Champions

— We have martial arts, Champions of Ukraine, that is kickboxing. So the boy brought a gold belt Thai Boxing from China, this is the best pair for rock-n-roll — shows Irina. — There is Boxing, dancing, swimming, workout. Our graduate Maxim Nesterov founded the workout in Pavlograd, I am now an honorary judge. You can’t imagine how difficult it is: you need not only easy to spin on the bar, but to do it nicely, come up with a way, program. Here, for example, Batman, flies, spins, jumps. One boy was doing the moonwalk on the bar, the other with a smile, drank the water on the counter with one hand.

The old hall was built in 1961. Here it was noisy, the Windows did not open. But after repair they fled here as a holiday: I want to jump, to tumble, to just sit on the floor.

New field. There is a physical education

Just in time for the start of the conversation classes in Wushu. Run up children, a few minutes later, you receive coach Denis Tkachenko, and the conversations immediately stop. Irina in secret talks: arts — the best way to instill discipline too frisky kids.

— Didn’t know what to do with a boy, very hyperactive, shows the side of one of the older guys. Now he told me on the lesson helps.

Children run 10 laps around the room, then move to exercises — with swords and sticks, demonstrating a great level of speed and skill. Coach only occasionally corrects for several years, he has raised several young Champions, so follow their movements — a pleasure.

Of course, that Pavlograd is not limited. Here a stunning Central square with a mobile coffee shops, a huge Park on the First of may with new on-site workout; confusing the private sector, where he built a new column with drinking water; an endless Playground and a pleasant shady streets. This is not a depressed town as it was 10 years ago. It develops, improves and becomes more beautiful. Perhaps that is why many people come and stay here forever.

New column. People have clean water

Through puddles. Because fun!