Who will make the decision on punishment of pedophile priests

Care Mary Collins (Marie Collins) from the Pontifical Commission for the protection of minors had to “show who is who,” as he put last week, cardinal Pietro Parolin (Pietro Parolin), the Secretary of state of the Holy see. Things really began to move forward, and even the prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller (Gerhard Ludwig Muller) intervened in this question, giving two whole (large) interview: first Friday, March 3, edition of the Faz, and the second on Sunday, March 5, the newspaper Corriere della Sera. The purpose of the speeches not stated, but it was obvious: to refute the accusations against the former congregation of the Holy office, which are voiced in the press about Ms. Collins. Announcing his intention to leave his post (in the last few years, she has repeatedly expressed the desire to retire), Collins said that the Agency Muller rarely cooperated (if not ever). The Curia, as mentioned in the indictment, prevented the Commission to implement the program to achieve transparency in the investigation. The situation is quite different, says the prefect of the German edition: “the Pope established the Commission on the protection of minors, to explain what harassment is a serious crime and that they have to fight. But the Commission is not part of the collaboration with the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, which knows the majority of cases of harassment”.

Speaking about the obstacles allegedly faced structure, under the leadership of cardinal Sean Patrick O’malley (Sean Patrick O Mally), Mueller explains that “the Commission took proceedings in connection with a formal request, asking us to write letters to victims as proof that the Church sympathize with their anguish. But it is a manifestation of pastoral care is the responsibility of the bishops and their parishes and closer to the highest authorities of oversight of religious institutions.” This case is not over, because Mary Collins decided to speak again, this time unveiling some details, which were published on the American Catholic online Crux. Collins responds to an article by Vatican specialist John Allen (John Allen), who recently called the resignation “inevitable” because of the kind of internal contradictions, which consists in the fact that Collins herself as a child was the victim of the harassment, the priest, and is now part of the Commission to develop ways of dealing with this phenomenon. “The problem lies not in the victims of harassment, which appeared in the Commission and resistance from the people in the Curia!” she commented. However, this problem is much wider than the statements of Mary Collins and remarks of cardinal Muller. This is an internal Vatican debate about the possibility of withdrawing from the congregation for the doctrine of the faith powers to investigate cases of sexual abuse by priests. It will be beneficial to the congregation for the clergy, dealing with this issue until the early 2000 years, that is before Pope John Paul II on its own initiative, issued a statement Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela, by which he transferred the investigation of the former congregation of the Holy office (at that time it was headed by Joseph Ratzinger).

It was here that played the real party in which the office headed by cardinal Muller, may in the future lose their powers. This possibility has many in the Vatican is positive. She will be able to return to the game local bishops to bypass the alleged “resistance”, responsibility for which is responsible, according to the charges, Mary Collins and her colleagues Peter Saunders (Peter Saunders), the congregation for the doctrine of the faith. It is no coincidence that in his recent interview, Muller passionately insisted that the right of intervention is that of his congregation, and not others, emphasizing that his views coincide with the views of Francis. Specific risk, however, consists in the intervention of the Pope the dispute, as happened during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. Such developments are already showing some signs of Agency The Associated Press a few weeks ago, wrote that “Pope Francis has limited sanctions against a group of priests-pedophiles, using his concept of a merciful Church of even the worst criminals”.