Zile: If you give people the choice, the President of Latvia could be beneficial to the Kremlin people

In the case that Latvia will switch to popular election of the President, there is a risk that the head of state will be “favourable for the Kremlin person”. This statement was made by the MEP, representative of the Netblock Robert Zile in an interview with Latvian television.

“We know that there is a risk the closer to the Kremlin, the greater the risk of a difficult situation with the President”, — quotes the words Zile LETA. Therefore, the politician has voiced the opinion of the representatives of the Netblock that “we are not assured of being able to get elected President”.

On 22 June the current President of Latvia Raymond Vejonis called on the Seimas to adopt a decision on the introduction in Latvia of popular election of the President with more authority. He believes that presidential elections would be held in 2019.

The President noted that residents of Latvia for a long time dissatisfied with the governance and decision-making procedures. The situation may rectify reform, which will expand the powers of the President.

Popularly elected President of Latvia should be given the right to initiate dissolution of the Saeima, said Vejonis.

The President urged the Parliament not to hesitate and to submit the necessary amendments to the Constitution this autumn.

Accordance with the order of the President of Latvia is elected by the Parliament by a majority of votes deputies — no less than 51 votes.

We will remind that the working group to assess the possibilities of expansion of presidential powers and the procedure for electing the head of state was formed by the legal Commission of the diet in early 2015, shortly after the election of the Parliament of the 12th convocation. However, the implementation of its proposals could hinder the closeness of the next election of the diet, which can affect the debate on amendments to the Constitution and laws. It’s Wednesday at the Commission meeting and the acknowledged head of the working group Ringold Balodis. On the proposal of the Chairman of the legal Commission of Gaidis Berzins prepared by the working group findings will be sent to the factions with the request until September 29 to give the estimates, the newspaper Diena.