Professor Hagtvet, center for the study of the Holocaust and of national minorities and fascism in Ukraine

Center for the study of the Holocaust and national minorities (HL-senteret) in Oslo announced the holding of a public meeting where Professor burnt Hagtvet will speak on the topic “if fascism Returns to Europe? Contemporary crises of democracy in the light of the experience gained in the period between the wars. Something to learn, something to fear?”

This is all very interesting, because the Center for the study of the Holocaust, and burnt Hagtvet sat quiet as a mouse while the armed fascists and Nazis held senior posts in government in the Ukraine, from Norway receive millions in the form of state support. Hagtvet can omit the question mark: fascism has returned to Europe. Stepan Bandera collaborated with the Nazis, is a national hero of Ukraine. Here is a question to which Hagtvet should answer: why Hagtvet and the Centre for Holocaust studies said absolutely nothing about it?

The West has brought to power in Ukraine fascists

David Katz (Katz Dаvid), a former Professor of Yiddish the University of Vilnius in Lithuania, has written for ConsortiumNews that in the West there is a dangerous tendency to underestimate or to ignore the rise of Nazism in Ukraine and in the rest of Eastern Europe. He writes that there’s a special two points which concern Ukraine and not least EU countries:

The first is the informal acceptance of the Nazi elements, symbolism and ideology as part of any form the main trend. In Latvia and Estonia it can be seen in the tacit (or not so tacit) state support for awards divisions of the Waffen SS in these countries. In Lithuania, this is reflected in the state support of the monument to the murderers of the Lithuanian Activists Front (LAF), to kill Jewish neighbors even before the arrival of the German soldiers.

But there is another and deeper problem that has nothing to do with these more visible forms of veneration of the Nazis. And that problem is history.

It refers to the exaltation of Miklos Horthy in Hungary, the Nazi ustasha in Croatia, divisions of the Waffen SS in Latvia and Estonia and the Ukrainian Bandera and his OUN and UPA.

It is a mockery of Western values in NATO or the EU or the candidate in the organization providing state support to the perversion of history, the concealment of the Holocaust or the construction of a society that admires some of the most vile racists in history.

And Katz is right. The West is not only a blind eye to the rise of fascism in Ukraine. The West cooperates with these elements and helps them to take seats in the government.

Senator John McCain (John McCain) and former assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland (Victoria Nuland) were active in Ukraine before the coup d’etat of 22 February 2014, during and after it. They met regularly with people like the Nazi leader Oleg Tyagnibok of the Svoboda party. In the photo you can see one of Tyahnybok’s fascist rallies in Kiev.

After the state coup and before the appointment of a West friendly government armed representatives of the Nazi volunteer battalions were black-and-red sign of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) and the Nazi collaborators of Stepan Bandera on his shoulders, and with a yellow flag with the image of a Wolf’s hook.

The Simon Wiesenthal center condemns Ukraine for the glorification of the Nazis

When the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law against glorifying communism and fascism in the history of Ukraine and the prohibition to criticize him, this was the last straw of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, according to the Jerusalem Post, his representative stated the following:

The adoption of a ban on Nazism and communism puts an equals sign between the brutal regime of genocide in the history of mankind and the regime liberated Auschwitz and helped to destroy the terrorist rule of the Third Reich.

It was said by the Director for Eastern Europe of the Wiesenthal Center, Dr. Ephraim Caraffa (Efraim Zuroff).

“Similarly, the decision to honor the memory of local Nazi collaborators and provide them with special privileges makes accomplices of Hitler in the characters, despite their active and diligent participation in the mass murder of innocent Jews. These attempts to rewrite history, prevalent in post-Communist Eastern Europe, will never be able to erase from our memory the crimes committed by Nazi collaborators in their countries, and only prove that they have, of course, there’s those Western values, which they say they adhere to them, turning to democracy,” he added.

Now, these fascist forces are protected by the law:

Public denial of the legitimacy of the struggle for independence of Ukraine in the twentieth century is considered an insult to the memory of fighters for independence of Ukraine in the twentieth century, a humiliation of the Ukrainian people and is unlawful.

After that, it is forbidden to criticize the Nazis and organizations that played a role in the history of Ukraine. “Ban” Nazism is a trick. The real goal was to prevent communism and to glorify fascism. The punishment for the propaganda of communism and manufacture of the Communist symbols will be from five to ten years in prison.

The law was promoted by the fascist Oleh Tyahnybok and adopted after the fascist Dmytro Yarosh was appointed Advisor to the General staff.

Nazi massacre in Odessa

May 2, 2014 Nazi hooligans set fire to the trade Union Building in Odessa. Inside the building there were about couple of hundreds of activists of anti-Maidan. The Nazis wanted to burn them alive and mockingly sang about how to “roast Colorado” (the name of humiliating Russian-speaking). Many of those who tried to leave the burning building were shot or hacked to death. The day the Nazi executioners killed about 50 people. It was the most terrible slaughter committed by the Nazis after the Second world war.

What is said in Western media? And what said the Center for the study of the Holocaust, adopted the agenda for March 12, 2017, and burnt Hagtvet? Absolutely nothing!

A cry for help from Jewish leaders in Kiev

The head of the Kiev Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky made a trip to Israel to garner support in the fight against anti-Semitism in their country. In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, he described the situation as very grim:

Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial — that the struggle of the community. Dolinsky said that his country has been unable to track anti-Semitism, partly because of the lack of definition of anti-Semitism and crimes of hate.

He cited numerous examples of vandalism on the graves of Holocaust victims and Jewish cemeteries, as well as the continued glorification of anti-Semites and those nationalists who deny the Holocaust.

For the New year, for example, in a March organized in honor of the birthday of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, the participants shouted anti-Semitic slogans, including “Jews Out” in German (Juden raus). “They were guarded by hundreds of police… But after the March, police told reporters that they saw no manifestations of anti-Semitism,” said Dolinsky.

According to But, the glorification of the group of nationalists who deny the Holocaust in Ukraine “by the day becoming more active”.

What says Dolinsky, I have described many times here on the site steigan. no. The Kiev regime filled with anti-Semites and the Nazis and glorifying Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera. But, despite the fact that I sent the description of a number of incidents, the leadership of the Center for Holocaust studies in Oslo and urged him to publicly distance himself from fascism in Ukraine, he continued to remain silent and turned a blind eye to the growth of aggressive anti-Semitism and Nazism in Europe. Interesting, and Dolinsky also points to this in an interview that this silence applies to Israel:

“It is absolutely unacceptable position that Israel does not respond”.

As the Center for the study of the Holocaust now asks if fascism returns to Europe, I want to ask him in turn: why are you silent about the fact that in Kiev glorify Nazi collaborators and murderers? Why didn’t you reported it and condemned the rise of Nazism and fascism in the country, which Norway has provided millions of euros? Why you never responded when the Nazis shoot people in cold blood? And burnt Hagtvet: I don’t think I’ve seen any of your indignant comments about the event. Is it really so?