How not to lose a job: the TOP 5 simple rules

To find a good job is not easy, and staying on it can be even harder. In order not to lose what has been gained only position you need to work productively and improved.

How to keep a job and provide a stable career, knows

Do not relax

For a new job you took because you were the best among the candidates who have applied for the post. In the interview, when running a test job on probation, you were the best. The recruitment company is not a green light, signaling that you can now relax and go with the flow. On the contrary.

To keep your workplace, do more than those who came before you and who are close to you now by at least 10%, and the best on all hundred.

By the way, it is not necessary to relax and to employees with more seniority who profess the philosophy of my work anywhere I’m not going anywhere.


In any field, in the workplace and in the team there are things that can be improved. You are a new person in the company, you have fresh eyes, now can you see what’s not working. Already noticed? Wait, don’t run to the boss with critical remarks, prepare alternative proposals. Think about your system, which, in your opinion, will bring the company savings, the rapid growth or popularity, suggest the initiative to the user.

Fresh ideas, innovative solutions are always in demand. And the owners value the employees who are able to optimize business processes and tasks, because for business, this means cost reduction and profit growth.


Imagine a doctor who after graduating goes to symposiums, does not communicate with colleagues, do not read the relevant literature. Like, I know everything and this knowledge is enough. He treated people according to outdated Protocol, did not use new drugs and methods of treatment and thereby hindered the process of recovery of the patient.

Try to constantly improve their skills. Attend trainings, speak at relevant events, follow the latest trends in your field.

Learning new, honing the skills, you expand your horizons and opportunities that help to preserve the work. Employers appreciate versatile, with its expert staff. But don’t forget to hint to the boss that you are not standing still.

Learn how to “sell” the results of their work

You thought of a method how to save the company a large sum of money, produced in 1000 parts more set plan that increased client base 5 times? Talking about this. It is likely that the leadership will celebrate your achievements, but it is possible that they can be taken for granted.

Learn how to “sell” the results of their labor, collect, analyze, and at the right time to provide a report to supervisor. This report is your assistant helping to hold the position and possibly get promoted.

Don’t be afraid

If something is a strong fear, this always happens. So stop fear about what hasn’t happened yet. The company is rumored to reduction? It’s just a rumor.

Good professionals employers are not scattered and if you are in their area as, the dismissal is unlikely to face you. And even if it happens, don’t despair, surely your company is not the only one, and you’ll find another option, maybe even better than the previous.