In the US, the girl fought off a crocodile

Ten-year-old girl was swimming in the lake moss Park in Orlando, Florida, when she was attacked by an alligator, reports the ABC.

According to the Commission on the flora and wildlife of the state, the child is bathed in a permitted location at a depth of slightly more than half a meter and three meters from the shore. Five-foot crocodile swam quietly to the child and managed to grab the leg.

However, the girl showed courage and strength. She pried the Gator’s mouth and retreated to a safe distance.

After the incident the Park staff caught the predator and put him to sleep. The girl, taken to hospital with wounds to the thigh, in a short time was discharged.

Earlier it was reported that crocodile seriously injured 40-year-old French tourist while photographing in the national Park of Khao Yai in Eastern Thailand.