The TV channel “STB” refused Russian “battle of the psychics” and dismissed them

The scandal with the display of Russian military and forced the network to remove the live program “Battle of psychics” production “TNT”. This was stated by General Director of the channel “STB” Vladimir Borodyansky, reports the press-service channel.

The channel’s General Director agreed on the inadmissibility of controversial show release the show on Ukrainian television.

“The showing of this production on the Ukrainian TV channel unacceptable from a moral and ethical point of view. I want to personally apologize to viewers for the fact that this release came out in the air of “STB”. From the management has taken the appropriate measures: “the Battle of psychics” production “TNT” immediately removed from the air. Also we relieve the employees who made such rude and unprofessional mistake,” Borodyansky.

As it became known, the TV channel “STB” showed in one of the episodes of the 17th season of “Battle of psychics” the Russian militarywho took part in the war in the Donbass against Ukraine. One of them confirmed that he participated in the war, referring to Ukraine.

In turn, the National Council for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine has reacted to the scandal with “STB”. So, the national Council on January 19 will consider the show program “Battle of psychics” on TV channel “STB”, which was attended by the Russian military.