The rest of the youngest daughter trump cost the taxpayer 22 thousand dollars

The younger daughter of U.S. President Tiffany was zameshennoy in the scandal because of his travels. It is noted that her recent vacation in Germany, cost the US taxpayers $22 thousand, writes the Independent.

According to the newspaper, this amount included the cost of the hotel for the team of secret agents of special services of the USA, accompanying her on the trip last month, but this does not include the cost of employees ‘ salaries and service flights on the plane.

The newspaper also reports that the family of the tramp — “avid travelers” and it’s not the first time when their safety was ensured at the expense of taxpayers, since the immediate family members of a President is guaranteed security when traveling to other countries.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, trump has repeatedly criticized his predecessor Barack Obama for what his trips are paid for by the taxpayers of the country, as he has repeatedly mentioned on twitter.