The main method of obtaining female orgasm

The American scientists under the leadership of Debbie Herbenick (Debby Herbenick) from the Center for the advancement of sexual health in Bloomington has revealed the main way to obtain sexual pleasure. The results, based on a survey of over a thousand women published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. About it reports “Ribbon”, with reference to the publication Popular Science.

The researchers conducted a survey of 1055 women aged 18 to 94 years old in June 2015. Volunteers answered dozens of questions regarding their sexual behavior, preferences, relationships, having fun and feeling during stimulation of genitalia.

18 percent of women surveyed reported that sexual intercourse is sufficient for enjoyment, with 37 per cent definitely resort to additional stimulation of genitals. 36 percent reported that pacing is not necessary, but it allows you to reach a strong orgasm and the remaining 6 percent don’t have an orgasm during sex. The vast majority of the participants of the survey had an orgasm during intercourse only when the exterior genitals.

Earlier, the same group of American scientists published an article in PLOS One in which it was reported that during sex, you should pay attention to the kisses, hugs, romantic phrases, as well as creating the appropriate atmosphere in the room.

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