When you can kill white people?

Tommy Curry (Tommy Curry) — the senior lecturer of the University of Texas A&M. He’s black and specializiruetsya on critical race theory. And Professor Curry, his lectures not only within the walls of the University. A lot of his videos and audio recordings can be found on YouTube.

In one of his short interview, he talks about when it is acceptable to kill white people.

“So we can be equal, so we could be free, some white people have to die,” he says.

In an interview for a podcast called “Context Of White Supremacy” (“the Context of white domination”), the creators believe that the whole problem — white people, Curry says, that white people can not know about racism (your own or someone’s else) and that blacks are convinced that white can educate on issues of racism, just stupid. He sharply criticizes those black theorists, including Martin Luther king, for their belief that white people are reasonable and adequate. It is noteworthy here that a Professor of philosophy believes that some people are deprived of the ability to think rationally because of their race.

In another interview Curry criticizes the “integration” model of race relations and describes the relationship between whites and blacks in terms of strength. “White people don’t want to compromise my physical being and, of course, the Genesis of his race, he says. — Because it would mean that they would have to admit that death could overtake them at any moment — and colour too, will have to admit it. They don’t want to question their existence, they do not want to give up his life. They are struggling to cling to his white life. They are at a fundamental level will tend to the purity of the white race”.

And what are all these racist arguments? To prove to Tommy Curry for his worth as a man, and white will have to start to despise myself? Well, I wish you luck, Tommy Curry!

American writer Richard Spencer (Richard Spencer), known for his commitment to the supremacy of the white race, came to Texas a&M University and gave his talk. It can also be found on YouTube. This lecture was much softer in comparison with recordings of an interview Tommy Curry that you can find on the Internet. After the speech of the Spencer guide A&M University changed the requirements for those who reads his lectures. Meanwhile, Tommy Curry can say all he wants about the many vices of the white people? Is it all it should be?

I wonder what it’s like to be a white student, studying science under the guidance of Dr. Curry?