Bouchard gets verbal smash shots

Eugenie Bouchard (Eugenie Bouchard) has a style of solid, long-lasting games on the back line. Once-every-once — in the second round of the tennis tournament in Madrid she beat the balls so that they whiz flew around Sharapova. Going into a rage, she didn’t see any reason to stop attacking game with Matchroom only because the party on a clay court after the third set ended with a score of 7:5, 2:6, 6:4. Game — times-times — continued.

“She really plays well after his so-called return — to put it that way,” said Bouchard sarcastically at the post-match press conference. It was a volley that came particularly out of place, given that the rival Maria Sharapova this week participates in the second tournament after a 15-month disqualification due to the use of prohibited medication. Followed by another verbal “candles” and smash shots, punch straight, cross. The inspiration needed to win, she charged away from the fact that before the game, many colleagues wished her luck in duel with Sharapova, she says. She also received “a lot of text messages with words of support.” “The reaction observed before the game showed that many people are of the same opinion as I am”. Blow. Another blow.

If one is inclined to consider the press conference as an unofficial stoppage time, the fourth set, it also ended in favor of Eugenie Bouchard. Especially that Sharapova was sitting at the table, to be able to defend themselves. Meanwhile, there continued to dispute whose causes are related to the fact that Sharapova, a former first racket of the world and the undisputed diva of the industry, when you return incurred punishment takes advantage of his fame. Instead, after eighteen months of absence to undergo all the difficulties of the qualifying games, “a liar,” says Bouchard, receives from the Directors of the tournament invitation — the Wild Card — the main court.


From the side it is almost impossible to determine how in such strife of envy and malevolence. Don’t forget about the fact that the characterization of “liar” by the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) is not legally justified. But the fact is that the subject of doping and abuse of medications in the “white” world of tennis is still mostly considered taboo. Virtually no serious debate about — still possible — the application of tools that can positively influence athletic performance, the participants of tennis battles that four hours in a row fighting duels up to the physical knockout. At press conferences almost don’t ask questions. If something takes place is only a couple of short statements on the so-called individual cases, the next time any professional is removed from the game, so that Eugenie Boucher began the press conference with a couple of hard strikes — whatever the reasons — it was long overdue.