Advance (Croatia): the last call for the sovereignty of Europe. Really, after American pressure resulted in the threat of sanctions, Europe has finally said his historic “no” to Washington?

Relations between Europe and America is, of course, is not the same as they were four years ago, when Washington has the power. At first glance, it may seem that Donald trump is the main and possibly only culprit in the deterioration of relations, but it is not. Already happened Brakcet, and the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, which in itself weakened the influence of the United States on the Old continent. The second reason is that China is not the same as you were four years ago. Today he is much stronger economically, while Europe seeks to establish ties with strong economic powers. How much would be the United States did not protest, Europe “secretly usual” with Beijing, and when it comes to money, the little that Washington can do about this.

Since the end of world war II, America has towards Europe, the policy of pressure, but only in recent years it became quite obvious, including because of some above mentioned factors. Still it was not necessary to put a lot of pressure on the European centers. They with pleasure agree on U.S. dominance — in its own interests, of course. Generation (politicians and people) grew up with the belief that America is the defender of a democratic Europe, a champion who doesn’t let Soviet influence spread to East Berlin. After the collapse of the USSR there was no reason to change this order: Russia, literally in the blink of an eye turned into a pale semblance of the former Empire, and China was still a third world country.

Now things have changed. Russia recovered, albeit partially, but enough to Europe could not be ignored (although Washington wanted to). China definitely needs to be a huge factory with cheap labor (this is only one of its current functions), and if as for Russia, Europe basically goes on about the Washington criticizing Moscow, then in the case of China, the EU is not so accommodating.

Everything revolves around how much, according to the Europeans, they may purchase, and how to lose, going to someone in spite. China could really hurt Europe, and his plan for the Eurasian bridge (New silk road) can transform all the regions through which it will be laid, becoming a kind of artificial river, piped through the desert. The relationship between the US and China are at very low levels since the proclamation of the people’s Republic of China. In Washington believe that China can “quietly” take the place of world leader, and is now doing everything to prevent this. China extends its influence very rapidly in all parts of the world, and the United States simply do not have time to intervene everywhere. Why Washington focused on the most important areas, including “pot,” in which, as is well known to Americans, formed a global superpower, and it’s still Europe.

In the United States understand this, as our own so it became a world superpower. Americans can “donate” Africa, part of Asia and even the Middle East, but they know that you cannot allow China to become their competitor in Europe. The way to prevent this is not too original, but a proven. Everything is done according to the scheme: the demonization of pressure, blackmail.

Recently, the U.S. “engaged” mainly Russia and China do not have time to pay attention. From time to time were made incriminating statements that China has no democracy, that there human rights are violated, but that’s it. Clearly, then, the United States still did not want to go for confrontation with China, as he extracted considerable benefit from cooperating with him. Moreover, there is a certain irony from a modern point of view, for several years, any potential slowdown in the Chinese economy caused in the United States and on U.S. exchanges panic. Why? Because the Americans were counting on China and that when he “grows up” (his market), it will supply American capitalism for decades to come. It happened, but there’s a catch. When it is time for China to further open (i.e. to allow American capital into their market), in Beijing said: “No, thank you”. Formed a new Chinese middle class, and the authorities decided that it might be the engine of the economy, raising domestic demand. From Beijing’s point of view, everything is logical: why to share its domestic “pie”?

In the US, it has caused great concern even before trump came to power, and with his arrival this question had become a Central and vital. Trump started a trade war with China, exerting the strongest pressure on him in the hope that China will give in and open. But this did not happen. Instead, China began to extend its economic influence in the world. So, it turns out, the United States literally have to defend themselves from Chinese influence in Europe, because until recently, it was “the American zone”.

All misconceptions about the world of the free market vanished as soon as Chinese companies have jeopardized the success of the us. Similarly, liberal capitalism resets the mask whenever the government is in a hurry to save the big banks and other corporations that are “too big to fail”. What is now the United States is doing to paralyze the Chinese technology company Huawei (and others) seem to gang violence, but only at the macro – continental level.

All the talk about the “threat to national security” posed by Chinese telecommunications products (smartphones, applications, modems, hardware, 5G and so on), in principle, sucked from the finger. Chinese gadgets may indeed have hidden tools of espionage, but the United States never presented any concrete evidence. And that’s not the problem, but the fact that the United States, setting up a “roundup”, not able to compete with his own example. It’s been seven years since Edward Snowden released documents proving the massive scale of American espionage in Europe. Since then nothing much has changed. In fact, the US urges Europe not to change us spying on the Chinese.

Of course, it would be ideal if Europe could become technologically independent. And so it should be (although in this case she probably spied on would for yourself!), but now it is not. In such a situation, accepting that spying is part of international relations, Europe can choose between an expensive American or cheap Chinese products. Until recently, while China could not compete on quality, the choice was easy. But now technology has changed everything. Now China is able to produce the most advanced technology, a potentially better and cheaper. Lately on the market there are also very high quality samples of Hi-Fi equipment, lenses for professional cameras, and principal products, which are still in high quality produced almost exclusively in Japan, the USA, Germany and the UK.

In such a situation, which further complicate the pandemic coronavirus, Europe can no longer afford only one main partner. For the sake of their own economic interests and long-term ambitions she has more and more to balance between East and West. The us pressure, meanwhile, takes the form of blackmail, and in recent years it is more evident in the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. I remind you that we are talking about the gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, construction of which, in addition to Gazprom, involved many European companies. After attempts by the US pressure to stop the project failed, the Americans moved on to blackmail and threats of sanctions.

For Europe, especially for Germany, this is the perfect opportunity to realize that she has — fierce American fighting with the Chinese economic interests in Europe.

Apparently, the US issued an ultimatum. The Secretary of state of the United States of America Mike Pompeo said that the European company should abandon the project “Nord stream — 2”. Otherwise, they face sanctions under article 232 of the notorious American law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions.”

What is Germany responsible? She will not give in. Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas said: “in Announcing the measures, which are under sanctions may be European companies, the US government ignored the sovereignty of Europe and its right to decide how and where to obtain energy. The energy policy of Europe is Europe, not Washington.”

Although this is yesterday’s statement by German Minister today passed the news of the second plan, maybe we witnessed a historic turning point. Europe for many years has caved in under American pressure, but she’s not ready, “caving in” to break my back and sacrifice their own interests to soften the American disappointment. Atlantism in Europe is not ideology, but profit, and it became clear not so long ago. Now, when the United States decided to press, Europe will understand that it would not tolerate such treatment, because it does not have to do this. Times are changing, and the us pressure is not so great. Some processes occur independently of the administration, trump and will not change, whatever the outcome of the presidential election in November.

Europe is building its sovereignty little by little, increasing it only when it is challenged, but this will inevitably lead to its strengthening. And in the near future, when the US influence will weaken further, we may witness how Washington will support an independent, strong and sovereign Europe — for its own sake, to Europe spent half a century in someone’s zone of influence, as once in the us.