The white house accused the dismissed Director of the FBI for insubordination

To the resignation of the former Director of the FBI James Komi has led, in particular, his actions in violation of the subordination under the US Department of justice. On Wednesday, may 10, said the official representative of the White house Sarah Sanders.

Sanders explained that it is a “press conference that was held in Komi Republic” last Wednesday, may 3, “when Komi was insubordinate and had taken steps without the consent of the attorney General and his Deputy”. In her words, “it is inadmissible”. “And if you take these steps, the General Prosecutor or his Deputy are obliged to take retaliatory measures,” said Sanders.

In her words, the White house surprised that members of the Democratic party is not pleased with the dismissal of the Komi Republic. “It’s amazing that the Democrats today are not celebrating,” said Sanders.

About whether demanded Komi to expand the investigation, “trump ties with Russia,” White house, according to Sanders, knows nothing. She also said that the White house is not aware of any subpoenas sent by the prosecutors to any of the defendants in the case. Earlier it was reported that Komi shortly before dismissal requested additional funding and staff to investigate. The U.S. justice Department these publications had previously denied.

According to Sanders, the President of Donald trump has been considering the dismissal of Komi Republic “since the day he was elected President,” reports the Associated Press.

Trump fired Komi Republic on the recommendation of the Minister of justice, attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. As stated in the letter former FBI Director, he “is not able to effectively lead” the Department. According to the White house, Komi abused their powers, self-closing a case against former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton of any unauthorized use of the private mail server.

The acting Director of the FBI appointed 49-year-old Andrew McCabe, who had held the position of Deputy head of Department.