The dismissal of the Komi Republic will not save trump from unfolding “Russian scandal”

“It’s like what did Nixon”, — such was the reaction of the Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey (Bob Casey) on the message that President trump fired the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey).

Casey, who picked up fellow Democrats, was referring to the infamous “Saturday night massacre” when President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon) fired the special Prosecutor and the attorney General were investigating the Watergate case. “Massacre” the investigation did not stop. It only strengthened the calls for Nixon’s impeachment.

We know that the President trump is known for a stunning ignorance of history. He recently made a serious blunder by issuing “Perl” on the main causes of the civil war and seems to have decided that the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass) still alive and “has done a terrific job”. And, of course, it’s possible that President trump does not know the lessons of Watergate.

The most famous of these lessons is that concealment is always worse than the crime itself.

We still don’t know the whole history of Russian interference in the elections, but the sudden dismissal of the Director of the FBI, which was investigating possible collusion between Russia and the election headquarters of the trump, without a doubt, looks like a cover-up.

Layoffs in the Watergate scandal did not save Richard Nixon’s impeachment, and trying to get rid of Komi will not save Donald trump from the festering scandal with the “Russian trace”.

The sudden dismissal of Komi as FBI Director just gave those calls to appoint an independent Prosecutor, in a state of extreme excitement. In the words of Senate minority leader Charles Schumer (Charles Schumer), unless the appointed special Prosecutor, “all deemed concealment”.

The statement was made by the Republicans on cable TV Tuesday night and according to which the President dismissed Komi for the fact that he led the investigation into the emails of Hillary Clinton improperly, are literally absurd and represent a cynical ploy. The representative from the state of California Eric Swalwell (Eric Swalwell), a senior member of the standing house of representatives Subcommittee on intelligence, one of the committees of Congress investigating this whole mess, is associated with Russia, described the dismissal of the head of the FBI “the massacre committed by trump on Tuesday afternoon”.

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton said that Komi was the cause of its defeat in the presidential election because before the election he wrote a letter, which gave impetus to the resumption of the investigation of its electronic correspondence. Trump, who was then a presidential candidate, said that it was “devastating” letter allowed the Komi Republic to save his reputation.

He was subjected to Komi criticism, calling him an apologist for Hillary for the fact that he previously decided not to recommend to put forward against Hillary Clinton’s charges of a crime. According to many lawyers among Democrats and Republicans, unusual public statements of Komi, who called Clinton “too sloppy” and not nominating her charges, is tantamount to violations in the conduct of the investigation. The white house said on Tuesday evening that it is for this reason it was decided to dismiss the Komi Republic.

But all this is ridiculous. If the sudden dismissal of Komi provoked by his actions nine months ago, why he was fired now? After all, if this was the reason the President had to take action much earlier, probably immediately after taking office.

Most likely, the President’s decision was prompted by recent speech of Komi at the hearings in Congress in which he stated that he was extremely uncomfortable by the thought that his actions affected the election results. This statement probably hit the President trump the sore place. All that strikes at the legitimacy of his election, destabilizie President. He is not confident and seems to feel that his position in the presidential chair is very unstable. So the reminder that he was defeated in the popular vote, causing him extreme irritation.

Matters and that that he fired the Director of the FBI when associated with the “Russian trace” the scandal flared up again after Monday, with testimony made by Sally Yates (Yates Sally). Head Yates have departed, but Komi was still in the midst of this extremely intense investigation. Given that the investigation “Russian trace” held by the House of representatives and the Senate, has barely moved from the dead point, the dismissal of Komi now could help “derail” the FBI investigation.

And judging by the immediate response, this dismissal had the opposite effect. Within a few hours sounded insistent and unanimous calls to appoint an independent Prosecutor.

Just as the actions of Nixon. However, during Watergate the Democrats and Republicans have actually joined forces to save the country from the corrupt White house. Today, a single the discretion of the representatives of the both parties is not possible.

The country deserves to know what happened between the election headquarters of the trump and Russia. Congress can’t be trusted that, so he dug to the bottom of this possible conspiracy. Russia’s intervention has dealt a blow to the heart of democracy. Hardly there is something more serious than attempts by powerful foreign States to influence the vote in the United States.

Now the FBI is in a difficult situation. If the new CEO will find the “Russian trace”, it will surely be suspected of trying to whitewash those who committed indiscretions. The credibility and reputation of this Department seeking to stay away from politics, already has suffered badly as a result of actions of Komi during the election campaign.

The level of public confidence in government institutions is very low. The dismissal of Komi will only increase the cynicism. The appointment of an independent Prosecutor is now both necessary and inevitable.