Gontareva appointed acting head of the NBU

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Valeria Gontareva, in connection with the previously filed statement of resignation appointed on may 11, acting head of the NBU of his first Deputy, Yakov Smoliy.

“I announced to all that work until may 10. Appointed his first Deputy Jacob V. Smoliy and .about. head of the National Bank, and he will perform those duties until a new appointment the head”, – said Gontareva.

She said that the letter of resignation at own will it gave to the President on 6 April.

“And on 10 April I as promised the entire market, went to a press conference and announced that may 10 will be my last day at work,” reminded Gontareva.

According to her, on may 11 she will be on vacation and expects that in the near future the Verkhovna Rada on representation of the President will consider the question on its resignation and the appointment of the new head of the national Bank. The head of the NBU also said that it is ready to report on its work to the Parliament.

“Valeria Gontareva leaves fully professional Affairs at the National Bank takes a leave of absence until the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides on its resignation,” he prokompasirovali solution Gontareva, the NBU.

We will remind, in early April, the NBU announced its intention to withdraw and asked the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which takes the decision to fire her until may 10. However, to date, information on the existence of the presidential submission of the resignation of Gontareva no, and the head of the NBU after the may holidays goes a long vacation.