What trait in men attracts women: the experiment of scientists

Scientists have found that funny men in 100% of cases were girls are more attractive than even objectively beautiful, but not as clever, according to vesti.ru.

“Humor has a direct impact on the impression given by the man, says the study’s lead author Daniel Derksen. – If someone seems the woman is funny, it automatically makes it more interesting, both in romantic and sexual terms”.

Interestingly, previous studies have argued just the opposite: if the person is attractive in appearance, his sense of humor is always valued above the others. “But still, there was no data that would show that it works in the opposite direction,” adds Derksen.

To see how humor affects the attractiveness of a man to the opposite sex, the researchers conducted a series of experiments involving 100 students, among which men and women were equal. They went to speed dating – speed Dating, where to chat with each potential partner is given three to five minutes – offering pre-girls to rate the physical attractiveness of men from photographs.


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After each mini date, the girls had to evaluate the man just talked on the attractiveness scale. To do this, they answered a few questions, among which were those that took into account how fun the girl seemed to talk to, and if she wanted to be with him in a romantic relationship.

In the final study, the researchers compared how the initial rating of the girls was consistent with the fact that they put the partners talk to them. So found out that those men who seemed to the girls, “funny”, “witty” and “funny”, the second score was significantly above the first.

In parallel, the research team looked at what happens to attractive witty women. “It was obvious that the interest of the man to the woman almost does not change depending on, she’s joking or not,” adds Daniel Derksen. Interestingly, not so long ago, another study was able to prove that men are not very fond of clever women, though often tries to convince us otherwise.