Our ancient wise Serbs who lived thousands of years in their homeland in the Danube, said: “he Who is not of my kind, that will not help!” Once my rod comes with a common homeland, these kin, family ties impose on me the duty to help family, even if I’m not close with them and do not share their views. However, in spite of everything, I feel this obligation, like my parents, who taught and raised me. I have to help “his own blood.” I’m helping because I owe it to its ancient and well-established native tradition. I’m not doing this at the behest of the mind or with the expectation of something, and at the behest of the heart and soul. I do not require anything in return, because the one who needs help doesn’t owe me anything — he has our family. But this does not mean that the genus can abuse our sense of duty and become a parasite.

In relationships we need to find measure — measure values of our kind. After the modern commercial civilization has destroyed our ancient unity, all members of our modern kind of got their own wallets, and each of them spends their own money, trying not to burden anyone in the family. Today it is considered the basic tenet of life in the context of weakening family ties. Much easier to build relationships with those who are not a part of the family. Then there is no ancestral blood ties, and have a mind, or a mutual interest in something, based on the best calculation. But what I described is applicable to interpersonal relations in society. To the peoples and States is irrelevant.

Nations close to the family because of tribal kinship and therefore more supportive to other people from the same family. States do not have these traditional related weaknesses. States act based solely on its national interests. Every state has income and expenses. Any state is obliged to account for their actions at the end of the year. In light of this right, States rationally plan, calculate and defend their interests, achieving maximum efficiency in relations with other countries. It is reasonable that States seek to secure a budget income far exceeding the costs.

All of this mathematical logic is any of this the state that wants to continue to exist and to defend the interests of its citizens. They, in turn, are not necessarily a clan. This position must share anyone involved in public Affairs who runs the country.

Unfortunately, the problem of the Serbs lies in the fact that the people in charge of the Serbian state and the people do not understand how to build relationships with other countries and peoples, and make mistakes, which led to the national tragedy of immense proportions. And if we continue as irresponsible and amateurish attitude to his own state, then there is a danger that in the end we lose independence, the Serbian people scattered around the world, assimiliate and in the near future will cease to exist — to the delight of all our old enemies.

All this I said in order to explain bluntly and sentimentality of the relationship between Serbs and Russians, between Serbia and Russia.

I think that to do today is vitally important, because I see a lot of misunderstanding and frustration and I want this article to dot the “i” — that we learned something and something tried to change for the good of our country and national interests. I write openly, guided by the best motives, since the only way to get rid of modern national delusions. It’s pretty simple, but politicians intentionally muddy the waters for one reason: in the murky water where it is easier to get lost, they want to catch as many benefits.

At the same time — despite the fear that permeated official Serbian historiography, for two centuries poured a historical lie empty of German Beers in the Anglo-Saxon empty Cup — the true story confirms that Serbs and Russian along with other Slavic peoples are the oldest European civilization. They first created a civilization several thousand years ago! It was our ancient ancestors that are in this article referred to as Slav because of allergies some word for Serbs.

The homeland of the ancient Slavs was Lepenski VIR and Vinca. They were the indigenous population of the Danube region and gave Europe the first written language, metallurgy, construction, religion, culture, art, tradition. They laid the Foundation of world heritage, while Germanic and other barbarian tribes, according to Tacitus, were buried in the marshes between the Weser and the Oder, shaking off the swamp insects and larvae, and listening to the croaking of frogs. Later, these tribes became great conquerors, crusaders, inquisitors, conquistadors, colonizers and thieves of all proto-Slavic heritage.

The Serbs and Russians come from the same proto-Slavic root from the same genus. Their millennial relationship arose in the context of the brotherly Slavonic kinship, however, after the brothers have created their own independent States, and when Russia, being younger and stronger, became the Empire, these relationships are inevitably changed.

An ardent Serbian nationalist, Russophile, hungry for profit, like parasites, waiting for the big strong brother Russian all for them and will lead them to power. They themselves do not do anything to Serbia, and they still did not understand how to build relationships between the Empire in the East and a small Serbia, caught between East and West. Serbia is not a Russian province!

We don’t want it to be, and Russian that do not require. However, Serbia is also not an appendage of Brussels, who is forced to give up its sovereignty and national identity, to dive into the fetid swamp of Brussels. The greatness of the Serbs is that they have combined the East and West. We understand one and the other, and it should continue. This wealth can be our great historical capital for the future. For several decades, I write and speak about what the Serbs have to be a bridge between East and West. On this bridge two civilizations can meet and negotiate, negotiate, trade and cooperate. Of course, they both have to pay a “fee” for use of this bridge. Instead of sacrificing our unassuming people, who were infinitely loyal to his caselite, we could trade and grow. However, our national kvazielita, selfish and greedy, devoid of historical memory. Far behind examples to go it is not necessary — it is sufficient to cite two from the recent past and present.

When 19 November 1989 the Berlin wall fell and it became clear that there would be only the American Empire, and the Soviet — die, arrogant despot, Milosevic decided it would be hopeless to defend communism, socialism and rotten bankrupt the government, based on the fraternal Russian help from a drunken Yeltsin, who was the object of ridicule for stupid American politicians.

Today anyone who is thinking his own head, it is clear that the EU collapses, Europe is dying, and predictions of Spengler on the decline of Europe are justified. It is also clear that the American Empire is no order, and that let the roots of corporate fascism and Nazism Brussels Big brother who is in deep moral and economic crisis. At the same time Eurasia is becoming a reality because includes 70% of the reserves of energy and minerals. And in light of all this equals national suicide, the decision of the Serbian King Ubu, the traitor and defector, following the Brussels canons and directives and hiding behind false European values, to get Serbia into the darkness of the Brussels casemates.

What is it, dear friends, is happening to us? Who is to blame for our ruin? Who is to blame for this erroneous choice of direction? Putin? Putin is to blame for the fact that we have a fawning, corrupt and rotten the opposition? Putin is to blame for the fact that we have none? Putin is guilty that the insatiable opposition did not go to rigged elections and gave power into the hands of a political madman and Amateur? Putin is guilty that they don’t run for elections in Serbia not to overthrow the tyranny of this psychopath? Putin is guilty that is not doing what we must do to protect our state and nation? Please come to your senses! Was a hard period, and time for improvisation we have.

About Putin I have ever written. I wrote about his rise to power and what it led to it. I wrote about his manner of government. I’m critical of its economic and monetary policy. I have put forward concrete proposals and solutions. I’m critical of his weakness to the friends of his early youth, which today have turned into tycoons. But, dear friends, I have stressed the fact that is undeniable: Putin saved Russia from total collapse and occupation. At the last moment Putin has prevented the dismemberment of Russia planned by the “crusaders”. Thousands of years they dreamed of Russia, because it is the only place on the planet that they have colonized and are not plundered. Russia managed to defend themselves, to climb, to regain national dignity and to become an Empire. According to the latest data, Russia is home to over 180 nationalities, and this diversity is the wealth of Russia. Bring their experience obtained during his working visit to the Russian Federation. Nowhere in the world have I had such a feeling, although I have been to most countries in the world. I felt that all the peoples of Russia are ready, regardless of race, nationalities and religion, to defend their Homeland. This feeling did not visit me in the 90-ies in enslaved and occupied Russia.

Russia today carries the flag of freedom and truth for all Nations and peoples who were victims of violence, robbery, destruction, manipulation and exploitation of the Grand Inquisitor. Russia creates the necessary on the planet balance. Russia stopped schizophrenics, who decided to destroy humanity, reducing it to the Golden billion. Russia has limited the aggressiveness of the Pentagon, the greed of wall Street and the amateurism of the White house. It’s true. Who does not see this, that is a political loser. Russia opened the way of liberation for all those peoples and States who want to preserve their national identity and sovereignty.

What makes Serbia? She has a policy? Why do we always go in the opposite direction to our interests? Why we injure our people and state? Why do we believe those who consider us inferior and barbarians from the Balkans? Why we trust those who killed us and enslaved, believing Orthodox schismatics? Why do we allow suppressed ancient knowledge about our origins and roots? All of our governments that ruled after the coup, the fifth of October 2000, including the current, were against Russia because they were afraid of punishment from Washington and Brussels. All direct offers Putin the representatives of those governments was rejected with disgust and mockery, and then fled to Brussels, where, on his knees to beg for mercy.

Remember, dear friends, that if Russia did not become an Empire, Serbia would have shrunk to the size of the Belgrade pashalik. We would take all the territory, and they began to form a new imaginary of the nation. But God has been merciful disillusioned and apathetic by the Serbs. At a time when we absolutely destroyed from within, when we are occupied, when you act against their state and nation when we cowardly run from Serbia, betrayed her and their heads down when we’re not doing anything to save the country and nation, we got another chance to recover, to Wake up and take the fate of Serbia in their hands. And we have no right to miss this opportunity.

The Russians never invaded and colonized the us. They never committed genocide of the Serbs. The Russians have always helped us when he could. They died together with the Serbian rebels fighting the Ottomans and liberated Serbia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Nazis. They died as only Russians know how to die — without delay and heroically. What would happen to the Serbian army in Albania, if Tsar Nicholas Romanov was threatened allies out of the war, demanding to grant the exhausted Serbian soldiers help? Isn’t that enough? What do we want?

We must understand that the Empire their interests, and small States, like Serbia, are forced to adapt quickly to the changing international environment. Our advantage is that we are small country, and we should use it to get out of the current national woes.


We need to liberate Serbia from the traitors, traitors and usurpers. Russia to help us can not. We need to create a new state and a new economy. This presented the perfect chance. The West is busy with his business and he has no more time to think about us, because the fire he has spread across the world, now destroyed his own house. The East awakened, got up and big strides into the future. Serbia does not belong neither to the West nor to the East. Serbia belongs to herself, because she and the West and the East. So it was for centuries. We are the indigenous people of our country.