Putin realizes the idea of trump

Putin’s Russia corrects trump (Trump) and installs in Syria four zones of de-escalation of the war in the country. Thursday was coordinated with Iran and Turkey. At the weekend they began to enter.

And now the secular Syrian rebels want to know what trump had in mind, promising “to ensure the zone”.

The Trinity, which organizes these zones are distinguished by strong differences. Russia and Iran are the sponsors of the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad (Bashar al-Assad), responsible for much of the bloodshed in Syria. While Turkey is a sponsor of secular Syrian rebels “Free Syrian army”.

Now Russia, Iran and Turkey want to act together the “guarantors” four zones “with the goal as soon as possible to stop the violence, improve humanitarian situation and create favorable conditions for a political solution to the conflict” in Syria, reads the agreement in all three countries. It was signed in the Kazakh capital Astana, and published on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Assad Walid al-Muallem (Walid al-Mouallem) said Monday at a press conference in Damascus that Syria was not involved in the preparation of this agreement, but will respect it. However, Syria opposed the presence of those foreign soldiers, who were not invited — unlike the Russian soldiers, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah forces and Iranian revolutionary guards. In other words, with the presence of Turkish soldiers in Syria, Assad does not agree.

The rebels of the Free Syrian army are very skeptical. They not only believe that the agreement lacks a real mechanism of control. They believe that they find it difficult to trust Russia and Iran, providing military support to Assad and violate the rights of Syrian civilians.

In four preliminary areas for six months shall not be made active hostilities, including air strikes, however, this does not apply to the movement of ISIS (banned in Russia) and other extremist groups.

One area includes in the North-Western province of Idlib between the territory of the Assad family in Latakia and largest city Aleppo. The second zone should be established in the province of HOMS in Central Syria. The third will be installed in one of the suburbs of the capital Damascus, in Eastern ghouta. And the last zone should be established between the large southern city of Daraa, where the uprising began against Assad in March 2011, and the main town on the Golan heights Quneitra.

How can it be normal?

The Syrian war has forced more than half of the Syrian population is more than 12 million people to leave their homes and become refugees. Five million of them have fled the country.

And the new President of the United States, which is already not new anymore, Donald trump (Donald Trump) stated that his government will create “safe zones” to protect civilians and give the Syrians the territory where they can find refuge, not to flee the country.

Now the Turkish government of Erdogan, calling on Assad to depart from power in Syria, the beginning of cooperation with Assad’s defenders in Russia and Iran.

“How can it be normal?— asks channel al-Jazeera, anonymous resident of East Guta. — Since our government declared war against us, the whole world sat and watched. These security zones only give the government more time to continue what it has done for several years.”

But the war continues with intense air strikes in other areas, according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

Approaching Rakka

At the same time, the war is coming nearer to the main city traffic ISIS raqqa, where the “Caliphate” is already close to its collapse, as is happening in the other main city of the movement — Mosul in neighboring Iraq.

Arab rebels and Kurdish militia with support, respectively, Turkey and the United States is prepared to deprive the ISIL militants the opportunity to escape from Raqqa.

These two NATO allies completely split on the issue of American cooperation with the Kurdish people’s protection units (YPG), which in the war with ISIS movement Washington considers the most reliable military units.

The differences between them were smoothed, when us Secretary of defense James Mattis (James Mattis) on Tuesday in Copenhagen met his colleagues in the coalition fighting ISIS.

Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist militia group

“We believe that the conflict around this point a big failure,” said Danish defense Minister Klaus yort (Claus Hjort) at a press conference after a meeting of the coalition.

“We pay the main attention to how we can defeat ISIS. We are talking about the fact that we will soon begin to liberate Raqqa. Parts are at a distance of 12-13 kilometers from its center. It is important that the troops stationed there, and those that will be able to join, took part in the battle. We already for a long time recorded their conflict with Turkey, but we believe that the most important thing is the result — that is what we have to defeat ISIS in raqqa”.

The Kurds have established control over most of the border areas in Northern Syria. But Turkey is trying to help the Arab rebels of the Free Syrian army to gain control over a large territory between Aleppo and the Turkish border.