Dugin: Europe mentally weak and Russia strong

Rome — Europe and the United States often responded to Alexander Dugin return. A year ago the famous Russian scientist was not allowed in Greece. Arrived from Moscow with Patriarch Kirill at the conference on mount Athos Dugin stopped at the airport of Thessaloniki and was told that he is banned entry to the EU. The year before, the US Treasury Department has included Dugin in the list of Russian citizens subject to sanctions in connection with the crisis in Ukraine. A month later, Dugin has imposed its sanctions, Canada. It’s been written about everything from Foreign Policy magazine, who called him “Putin’s brain”, to the newspaper Sole 24 Ore that a week ago, described it as “Putin’s Rasputin.”

The son of a Soviet official, dissident 80-ies, the enemy Yeltsin in the 90s, Dugin is Russian thinker, who in an essay in the Australian journal Quadrant called “the modern conscious madman”. Only that a madman with access to a large policy. His book “Foundations of geopolitics” is used in military institutions, Dugin is not coming from the screen of the TV channel “Tsargrad” (the Kremlin’s Patriotic channel, which is financed by billionaire Konstantin Malafeev), and when Turkey shot down two Russian aircraft, Dugin used his connections in Ankara to help Putin to repair relations with Erdogan. The philosopher also supports policy associations in Europe, e.g. in Greece, where he is friends with the Minister of foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias (Nikos Kotziás). The impression that he liaises also with Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon), the right hand of Donald trump in the White house. Dugin gave this exclusive interview Foglio to explain not only their ideas, but also the worldview that governs Putin’s Russia. At a security conference in Munich, foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov spoke about an “postzapadnoy world order”. This is one of the ideas of Dugin.

How close are You to Putin? “It is difficult to answer, I’m not so close to the President, as some believe, but a lot of my ideas that I expressed in philosophy, in politics much impact on Putin,” — says Dugin us. “No need to exaggerate, even if I my ideas really had a significant impact on the President. Ideas have their own destiny, they can affect the logic of the policy, on the story. The idea of living your life, they are able to find plenty of ways to find the way to people. The difficulty with the West lies in the fact that he had ceased to believe in ideas, there is a spiritual world inhabited by ideas, and the West has ceased to recognize.”

We ask Alexander Dugin, as he arose from the rejection of European culture, which was inspired by Putin. “Today, Western Europe fell into the trap of modernity and postcommuniste. The project of liberal modernization lead to liberation of the self from any contact with society, with the spiritual tradition, with family, with by humanity. This liberalism frees the individual from any limitations. He frees her from even gender, but the day will come and release him from the human nature. Politics today is moving in the direction of liberation. European managers can’t stop this process, they can only continue it: more immigrants, more feminism, more open society, more gender — this line is unquestioned for the European elite. They can’t change course, but the more time passes, the more people disagree with this. In response to this arises the reaction, which is gaining momentum in Europe and that the elite want to stop by her demonization. Reality ceased to conform to their project. The European elite ideologically oriented towards ideological liberalism”.

In Moscow the victory of Donald trump perceived favorably (and in this case it’s a euphemism). “Trump came to power and changed this situation, therefore, the Europe was today in isolation,” continues Dugin. “Russia today is Europe’s enemy number one, because our President does not share this postmodern liberal ideology. We wage ideological war, only this time it is not between communism and capitalism, and between the liberal politically correct elite, the globalist aristocracy, on the one hand, and those who do not share this ideology, for example, Russia, as well as trump. Western Europe is experiencing a sunset, it will lose its identity, and this is the result of not natural, and ideological processes.

Liberal elites want Europe lost their identity, and achieve this through immigration and gender politics. Europe, thus, loses its influence, the possibility of self-assertion, their inner nature. Europe is very weak in terms of intelligence, it is culturally weak. Just look at how journalistic and cultural environment, the problems of Europe. This Europe I don’t know. The European idea is incredibly low. Europe was the birthplace of the logo, intelligence, thoughts, and today it has become a caricature of itself. It is impossible to heal, because the political elites will not allow this to be done. Europe will increasingly tear the contradiction, the more it will become blunt. Russian must save Europe from the liberal elite that are destroying it”.

“The situation in Ukraine is not allowed”, but does not Russia have to come closer to Europe as it was considered after the collapse of communism? “Russia is a separate civilization, the Orthodox. Europe with Russia have common features. But after the collapse of communism, when Russia closer to the West, we realized that Europe has ceased to be herself, she became a parody of freedom that rots in postmodernism, leading to complete decomposition. The West was no longer necessary to us as role models, so we sought inspiration in Russian identity and understand that the discrepancy is in the difference between Catholicism and Orthodoxy as between Protestantism and Orthodoxy. We, Russians, are the heirs of the Roman, Greek, Byzantine tradition, we remain true to the spirit of the ancient European Christianity, which has lost all ties with this tradition. Russia can be a fulcrum to restore Europe, we Russians are more European than the Europeans themselves. We are Christians, the heirs of Greek philosophy”. The philosophy of Dugin, along with the struggle with liberalism lies in Eurasia, justifying Moscow’s ambitions related to the return on the former Soviet territory, from the Baltic to the Black sea, with the restoration of power over other peoples, and even the establishment of a protectorate over the European Union.

“Russia’s neighboring countries were artificial formations after the collapse of the Soviet Union, before communism, they did not exist,” — says Dugin our publication. “They were the result of the collapse of communism. They were part of Eurasian civilization, a part of the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire. There is no Putin’s aggression, is the restoration of the disintegrated Russian civilization. Sounding now the charges are the product of fear that Russia will restore its power as an independent power and will to defend their identity. Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea and all of them have made mistakes in relation to Russia and the oppressed Russian minority living in these countries.” But you invaded their territory. “Russia with great responsibility reacted to the violation of rights of Georgians, Ossetians, Ukrainians, Abkhazians, Crimeans.

Europe can not understand the political actions in the full sense of the word, can’t understand sovereignty, because it itself has lost its sovereignty. Trump began to change the situation in the United States, he recalled that sovereignty has value, and we, Russian, Putin reminded the world about this before trump”. It means that Russia is eyeing and bordering countries-members of NATO, solving the issue of Kaliningrad, the former königsberg, the birthplace of Kant, the enclave between East and West? “Geopolitically, the Baltic countries are not interested in Russia, Georgia we currently have achieved stability, problems remain in Ukraine, because the situation there is not peaceful, we are freed of the territory, dominated by the Pro-Russian sentiment and Russian became the victim of a political mixture of neo-Nazism and neoliberalism. Ukraine will remain our primary problem, but with trump we have the ability to abandon military rhetoric”.

Europe and Islam. Putin considers his merit that he has reached an agreement with Islam in Russia, while Europe is under threat of Islamism. “The problem is not in Islam, and the elites who let into Europe millions of Muslims not integrating them, so a vacuum without an identity,” continues Dugin. “In this liberalism there were no more places of cultural assimilation, the Europeans can’t offer migrants no system of values is only the moral decay. Muslim migrants are unable to accept this suicidal European politics. Therefore, Europe is populated with Muslims, especially the fanatics and fundamentalists, continuing the process of self-destruction: on the one hand, it is destroyed, the Islamists and on the other the liberal elite. The problem lies in the ideology of Wahhabism and the Islamic state (banned terrorist organization) and not the traditional Islam, which became a victim of Islamic fanaticism. Without this immigration policy Islam, existing in its territory, would be for Europe, is no threat”.

“Putin is a strong politician, but he had no heirs”.

For three years Russia has created the image of a country that elects a policy opposing policy in Europe. “Gay marriage, the LGBT community is a question of politics, not morality. It is no coincidence that the liberal ideology seeks to destroy the idea of man and woman. Putin is well understood it and began to resist this destructive to society concept. This is not a problem of a personal, individual choice, there are no laws against homosexuality, but there are laws against the propaganda of the gay ideology which destroys the collective consciousness, destroys families, and the sovereignty of the state, trying to change civil society. It’s not a matter of morality or psychology, it is a question of policy.” Dugin is considered to be a supporter of Putin, but here he speaks of his shortcomings.

“History remains always open, we can’t say what will happen to Russia in the future. To build a strong and healthy future Russia we should take a lot of effort, there are no guarantees, Russia has been faced with many challenges, and Putin has managed many of them to resist and to win. The problem of our country is our strength and weakness, Putin of Russia guarantees the preservation of the sovereignty and identity, the return on the international scene the great of Russia, but we are weak because Putin is himself, he has failed to create a legacy that would guarantee the survival of this understanding Russia. While there is Putin, Russia has a hope to be strong, but Putin is a problem, because it is not institutionalized its ideological line. Russia today Putin-centric”.

What kind of future do you see for Europe? “I am a follower of Rene Guenon (René Guenon), who recognized the crisis of Western societies far before the 21st century. Spiritual degradation of Europe began with the modern age, with the loss of Christian identity and culminated in the 90-ies, when all the institutions of the transformed right-wing liberalism in the economy, and left liberalism in culture. Approval of gay marriage has given me to understand where Europe is. It will soon reach its final point, and then it will chaos, civil war, destruction. Probably too late to change anything in this situation”.