How to stay beautiful after forty years

How to look beautiful after 40 years? Part of the problem of aging is that growing up often requires change, but most women don’t want to go to the old-fashioned style of the middle age, which are the main “sensible” shoes and boring clothes. Listed here are the 8 most common mistakes aging, writes

Mistake # 1 – misunderstanding the change of style

The biggest mistake women in the matter how to look beautiful after 40 years – doing nothing at all. Hair, makeup, clothes, which the young lady looked fantastic in his younger years, often not suitable for ladies of noble age. If you want to age gracefully, you need to make some changes. Many women are doing the same thing was done for decades. This technique does not work very often and may not be flattering for women over 40. Often women do not even realize that they make mistakes.

Mistake # 2 – lack of attention to the clothes

Unfortunately, there are times when “hot” things from the beach you can wear not only on the beach, gone. How to look beautiful after 40 years – to invest in clothes, buy things from stylish and expensive brands. To find the right clothes at any age. Probably will have to fork out on clothes of the business class.

Mistake # 3 – compare yourself to the 20-year-old

Sooner or later the lady asks: “Who is that beautiful lady in the album?”. And this issue need to be prepared. Some girls look as attractive as in his younger years. You should not “walk down memory lane” and give up. The goal is to look beautiful after 40, not to recreate his face and the body of 20-year-old girl.

Mistake # 4 – not engage in fitness

The average age is not a reason to stop working on yourself (although for many the temptation). Fitness is movement, the ability to prevent health problems in the coming years, such as creeping weight, diabetes, heart disease or dementia. Now is the time to visit a gym, a pool, start doing yoga, or fall in love with walking.

Mistake # 5 – not getting enough sleep

Gone are the days when a sweet lady could stay at the club all night and get up in the morning with a radiant complexion and ease in movement. Many people have probably heard that lack of sleep leads to a tired mind. Of course, it’s hard to catch everything, especially if the woman is caring for parents or watching children. But responsibilities are responsibilities, and about your health you should care. The time has come for change. Fewer hours of sleep – more opportunities to show on your face is your age, not to mention the emergence of health problems.

Mistake # 6 – ignoring the teeth

To combat age, you can focus on the wrinkles, gray hair, but don’t forget to smile in the mirror. One thing that can make a woman over – yellowed teeth. But the condition of the teeth is more than just unattractive. Dental health is closely linked to General health. Gum disease becomes more prevalent with age may be associated with a high risk of heart disease. So don’t miss a visit to the dentist.

Mistake # 7 – excessive force

This is a common mistake that celebrities and real women. Nobody likes wrinkles, but it’s better than the “frozen” Botox face or scary lip collapsed. Can help to reduce wrinkles are cosmetic products with retinol. If you are satisfied, why look for an alternative? Face without a wrinkle – no really, it looks unnatural.

Mistake # 8 – short haircut

Women need to make short cut or slightly above the shoulders, as soon as it reaches middle age. This is not a rule, but misleading, because there are no rules of the game with hair for middle aged women. The choice depends on the woman, lifestyle, state of her hair preference. With age, likely the hair will become more subtle, maybe, rough, gray. Choose natural hair color, which will help you to stay the age of 30.