Horoscope for may 7-13: the Scales will fall financial problems, and Fish need to be aware of all the news

From may 10 to November 6, 2018 begins new life band. Vector social aspirations changes the direction that will directly affect the fate of mankind and each person individually. But in the specific sphere of life. Want it or not (given the lag), you will have to switch the buttons by changing the orientations of action, ideas, interests and passions.

This time of self-determination and self-knowledge, creativity. The key to the solution of problems an ability to listen to yourself, trust yourself, find balance between personal and public life. Can not succumb to the “herd instinct”, to blend into the crowd, personal position of the Holy. Learn to live by their own moral code, and remember: you are a unique God’s creation. But if circumstances require you to take the helm of leadership — willing to perform this mission.

Most importantly — what not to get attached, because what you very expensive, which was previously invested enormous forces, is already well-established theme, and shall be the Higher powers to forcibly filtered from the living space.

Look back and analyze the events of 8-10 years ago. They play a key role in shaping the future.

ARIES. You radiate sexual chemistry, physical and creative energy gushes forth. Urgently mobilize this powerful flow of spiritual enrichment, appreciation of private queries, the service channel, a favorite activity or hobby, which later will bring a good income.

If hovering around the fans, alone should make a reasonable selection, and married, be faithful to spouse, to improve the relationship on shared interests. Sparingly distribute emotional, material, and energy resources, keep track of spending, not throw money. Not to “de-energize” themselves, “take-give” needs to be balanced.

TAURUS. In the business and the marital sphere the peak of the electrification. The relations “I-you”, like a taut string, but as you know, in a conflict both sides are to blame. Strive for harmony, where the harmony of shared aspirations and interests. Less verbal outpourings, their excess can harm the reconciliation, but violent emotional outbursts will become a language of mutual understanding.

Intimate Dating, lovemaking, romantic courtship, do not expose for show, enjoy the happiness together away from envious eyes. Need to deal with people you trust. And be sure to observe its obligations.

If you feel the desire to betray someone, to avenge the insult — is the machinations of the evil one.

Now the route of fate moves to the home area (in a year and a half). Have to do more lifestyle, family, and work, professional ambition to push for second place. Not to be confused!

GEMINI. You hamstrung the circumstances, do not try to break them with resentment and escape to freedom – how it should be (karma). Then health will improve and work will not suffer. First of all, solve other people’s problems, do charity, then do not go wrong.

On the personal front, flourishing, fortify romance bridges romanticism, aim for a beautiful friendship in marriage. Are you energetic, sexy, inspiring mate, to be wanted and loved is quite real. The main thing — not to dwell on the “vybryki” pious is the adversary to provoke them into stupid actions.

In the service of possible punctures, make sure that in the workplace you not been messed with.

Make friends with the Rams.

CANCERS. The social rating, the status of an informal leader in the team is high and that urgently need to use to implement your own ideas. Things with practical standards and not lose. You can surrender without a trace favorite work, which will positively affect the career, to expand a circle of influential friends. Curb possessiveness and try more to give than to receive, the floodgates of life experience should be open! Garant business take-off — a favorite occupation which should be a welcome Muse. Know this: until the end of the year demanding teacher and tough mentors you have at work. And against them it is useless to rebel.

The key to happiness in personal life is the ability to love, to be a reliable friend of the chosen one and cherish family values.

LIONS. Fate gives you carte Blanche (a) to act in its sole discretion, suddenly freed from the chains of a burdensome relationship. Act wisely, adhering to the principle of “do no harm”, to break — not to build.

Events of the week maximally activate the home and work problems. Though rip, but all we have to do. Now the peak of the business takeoff length in the year.

Try in the heat of ambitions, desires, not to assert themselves at the expense of others. Drive rationally, coordinate actions with others, leadership, family. Your strength in a harmonious collaboration, the ability to play up to the satisfaction of the claims of the public, to demonstrate professional excellence and a master’s flair for pragmatism.

Dreams of a perfect romantic Prince while in the Bush. But it’s not that dramatic, endure to the end of the year, then love the ice moved.

Now comes the process of both material and spiritual enrichment, you will become more devout, and at home caring, practical.

VIRGO. Transform into the role of the image maker and get is own person — to someone else’s praise of hope, in vain, to glorify you, no one will. You are now under the wing of the Creator, I feel an intimate relationship with him at every turn, especially at a critical moment. Someone is invisible and can read minds and sends… good for the future, and unnecessary cut off.

Wise use of emotional hypnosis, respect other people’s views, you should weigh every word, to verify the information, how to conduct office documentation. Professionals lucky financial time, don’t be lazy and earn money!

A new life ahead (a year and a half), when you have to go into the shadows and do creative work, to get rid of the yoke of the hateful obligations, left jobs, harming health and spiritual growth.

LIBRA. Financial problems overwhelm you, a sobering rain, before putting stringent requirements: urgently to pay its creditors, and recover what you need. Money should not become a bone of contention!

In soul you are a noble knight that master the art of affiliate loyalty, being in a relationship necessarily, you will samantaray a common goal, interests, Hobbies.

Route of fate runs through the relationship “I-you”, where the initiative is in the hands of the partners. Yet. Then the picture changes.

Keep To The Rams.

SCORPIONS. Militant disagreements, heated debates, love of reconciliation. This is the background of the week, where the implementation of joint projects requires compromise, logical belief, reasonable alternatives in the name of mutual interests. The basis for cooperation for the next year, do not miss business with companions. Less emotion! Almost all weigh and consider the details, because as the proverb says, “with whom povedeshsya, on and nabereshsya.” Unmarried it is time to put an end to freedom, a long-standing relationship easy affair to transfer a phase of a serious relationship and be faithful to the mate!

All great, momentous labor cross the finish lane. Following the marathon carries a successful professional achievements and career prospects (half a year). Finally do what nature intended.

ARCHERS. Harnessed in the employment who and hard to pull it. Now life itself is for you a service of commitment with the creative combustion will give a rich harvest. Incentive and performance where well paid, for a low fee, not produites, hard work “on the ball” for the sake of prestige is not your way.

Good judgment, harmony of emotions and common sense — here’s your guide to cardiac and domestic Affairs.

On the secret front the red-hot atmosphere, there is the risk of becoming a victim of hypnotic effect.

If you are ill, it is the result of accumulated over years of stress loads, where healing takes place through the sores. Avoid authoritarianism, not command your dictatorial train (which raced obsessed career and business ambitions, a year and a half) went…

CAPRICORNS. Immerse yourself in the story called “blessed love” and drink with the elect heart the Cup of pleasure to the dregs. Art love magic you will not be equal! Equip personal happiness, feelings of hot strengthen the Union. You personality spiritually rich is important, and carnal pleasures will follow. Home arena, where the tide of romance will reach a peak, so do not spray on a fleeting adventure, and hurry happy home.

At work everything is fine, work and career win bonuses!

If the circumstances are driving in a “stall” not a rebellion. Solitude is good, but keep in mind: hiding from society (where you currently need) on the principle “my hut on the edge”, risking to fall into the trap unclean and sick. Many ailments have a psychosomatic cause.

AQUARIANS. If you insist on standing on the verge of life principles, imbued with practicality and benefit, the welfare of the family, relatives in the foreground is great. Keep it up!

Vertical “fathers and children”, “superior – subordinate” in urgent need of modernization. In order not to escalate the tense atmosphere of the house, move more, socialize, extend your circle of acquaintances. Even the occasional romantic interest for singles to develop into a serious relationship.

Now you have a brilliant erudition, a walking encyclopedia, sharing this treasure. If you want someone to give wise advice, fair comment, do it.

Even the first counter for you is the messenger of doom for knowledge.

But to wash other people’s bones, to criticize contraindicated anyone judge not, that ye be not judged.

The world will open affectionate hug (half a year) humble and meek to Aquarius, where there is not an eccentric “I” and the harmonious “WE.”

FISH. To get the maximum benefit from a combination of circumstances, the art to insist on its, utilizing internal vision and rationality, will be an invaluable trump card in the implementation of creative ideas, the implementation, at first glance, fantastic plans.

Go for it, your authorship proposals future! Stay up to date on all news, comprehensive awareness, intuition — the key to the right decisions in difficult situations.

That’s going to leave the cage of circumstances, where I suffered a year and a half. You are lucky to find a good job (the range of possibilities is wide), to improve health.

Under own roof active time, respect the family, which you undoubtedly like, but probably those feelings deeply hidden. If partners are interested in your content (heart material), do not deny them, be generous and everything will return a hundredfold!

But the avid businessmen and careerists who abuse legal and spiritual laws, the devil plays the tune…