Grader who does not like Putin

Mikhail Ogorodnikov, the pupil of school No. 36 of the city of Vladimir, said at a rally on March 26, bold speech:

“I was born in 2000, when Putin came to power. 17 years this man plunder the country I love. We all assembled here, real patriots. On TV tell us about some other patriots who attend Pro-government rallies, supported the annexation of Crimea. But we know what the price of their patriotism. 300 rubles they get for what they came to this meeting, stood there for half an hour and left. Another price of their patriotism — bullying. I don’t know how many people came to the opposition rally because they are intimidated. But it is not the opposition. It is the national and Patriotic”.

Record performances Ogorodnikova saw the speaker of Parliament Vladimir oblast Vladimir Kiselyov. He was at the final meeting of the Public chamber of region has explained the involvement of pupils in anti-corruption rally, a lack of education in school and family.

Mikhail Ogorodnikov issued a response Kiselev in the publication “Provladimir”. He asked officials not to make teachers guilty because young people across the country without the permission of the “United Russia” took to the streets against government corruption. “Try to understand us, but do not look for an excuse to bad parenting or the work of the teachers. We strive to get to the truth, and in the information age, any fact can be found in a couple of seconds and a few mouse clicks. To stop this desire within us can neither repression nor the lessons of political education, the absurdity of which makes us only emotion,” so ended the student an open letter to the speaker of the regional Parliament.

In an interview with Radio Liberty sophomore Mikhail Ogorodnikov told why he came to the rally “you do not Dimon” and entered into discussion with a senior official.

— Putin now focuses on the education of his loyal generation. Appeared funny “Uname”. Boys and girls in red berets. All-Russian military-Patriotic public movement, which usually accept children younger than me for five years. If after the anti-corruption rallies, the power will go the way of the intensification of repression, our generation that grew up on Western values, will disappear. We will crush the young army of Putin. We will be deprived of the right to vote and to live as we see fit. I want to do everything to avoid this.

— You came to the meeting alone or with friends from school?

— From our school came to the meeting a few people. But almost all the familiar students supported me after the rally. Classmates said I did the right thing. I came to the rally “you do not Dimon” because you think only about yourself. I want to help my country.


— How are you going to do?

I’m going to get into a good University on economic faculty. I have different ideas on how to help our country get off the oil needle, to support small and medium businesses. I am sure that can do much for Russia. Unless, of course, our government will allow it.

— Many pupils and students came to the rally because he saw how much in recent years fell to the level of life of their families. You noticed that too?

— I am satisfied with the financial situation of my family. Parents work and earns slightly above the average for the region. I have need of nothing, but you see how poorer people around me. And the government does nothing. It only enriches itself.

The parents supported your decision to come to the meeting “you do not Dimon”?

— Mother understands that we live in a totalitarian state. But she believes that we should not fight the system because it will only get worse. Mom is scared and wants peace. Father supports me. First, because I’m his child. Secondly, it shares many of my views. Father after the Duma election in 2011 was so shocked by the extent of the fraud, joined the Communist party. His left-wing views, and I’m a liberal. But he agreed that it is necessary to fight corruption and to Express disagreement with the actions of officials at the meetings.

— What were the consequences of participation in the anti-corruption rally for you? You pressed the teachers and the school administration?

— At the meeting, I acted spontaneously. It came up in five minutes. It seemed to me that the parties before me are sluggish. I wanted to encourage people to understand that knowingly standing in the cold. I called my school because I really wanted to make it clear that I am not an anonymous agent of the state Department, and a real person. After the meeting I was called by the homeroom teacher. She complained that after my participation in the rally, teachers and administrators are forced to write explanations. My class teacher officials blamed the fact that she allegedly knew that I was going to the rally. Knew and didn’t tell on me. As stupid and ridiculous, but we now have such a system! Teachers “shaking” for me on spring break, but they at this time had to do with his life. After the meeting on 26 March I was called to school to talk with the Director and head teacher. They did not dispute my right to go to meetings and have any political position. The Director and teacher talked to me very politely. The Director said that I wasn’t supposed to say the school during his speech. It turned out that I criticized the government on behalf of the school. They explained that the school is unable to claim on their behalf that Putin seventeen years of stealing. Many teachers supported me. They didn’t go on an anti-corruption protest and I can understand them. My teachers work in budget organizations are forced to compromise. I respect them for being in such a dependent and vulnerable situation, they are good people and professionals. I really do not want to because the teacher was hurt.

— So you wrote an open letter to the speaker of Parliament Vladimir region, Vladimir Kiselyov? Teachers wanted to protect?

Yes. My letter published on Monday. On the same day the head teacher called me to the office of the Director. I saw a respectable man in a tie and jacket. He kindly shook my hand and introduced himself as the press Secretary Kiselyov. This man asked me to go to a meeting to Kiselyov.

Suggested or demanded?

— It was a polite Directive. But I wanted to meet Kiselev. I had to talk to a representative of the authorities of teachers.

— Kiselev explained why he called you for a meeting?

He said that is not going to change my views and wants to understand me and my generation.

— What are you talking about?

— We had a good conversation over a Cup of tea. Kiselev said he believes Putin and wants to help him. And I would say that Putin does not need help. I said Kiselyov, what do you think about Putin. I don’t know who Putin. Perhaps Putin doesn’t know who he is. Maybe he really wants to help, maybe, is enriched and enriches their environment. But I don’t have to understand Putin. I see the results of his many years of work and conclude that Putin is a bad leader. Kiselev asked where I get information about events in the country. I said I often read RBC. Kiselev suggested to subscribe to “news of the new Russia.” I told him that I would not like to read. We talked about the Crimea, on Ukraine, on foreign and domestic policy. I told Kiselyov to participate in debates with the opposition. He said he does not want the opposition to PR at his expense.

— What did he say in response to your request to protect teachers?

— Nothing specific. By common phrases. After the meeting, the press service Kiselyov took my comment. The staff asked on camera that I didn’t like during the meeting. I replied that I did not like the vague response to my question about teachers. Suddenly it turned out that the camera is not working. They asked me to answer questions again. But that is not liked, has not asked.

— You understand why the official Kiselev met?

He said that he engaged in self-education. Apparently, he was found to broaden the picture of the world. It seemed to me that Kiselev is a good man. I read his biography: he served in the army, worked in a factory, set up your business. He said he could go abroad, but wants to save Russia. Kiselev advised me to go to serve in the army. I think Kiselyov like Putin’s policy attitude to the military. I do not agree with this understanding of patriotism. Well, vbuhali Putin in the campaign of the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” seven and a half billion and what? Showed on the Central TV channels report about this campaign, instead of releasing the story about the anti-corruption rallies.

Parties to the anti-corruption rallies are now receiving threats. No one threatens?

— I have information from a credible source that my question is on control at the interior Ministry General.

— What it is you face?

— I learned that MIA had made me in the black list. And now I can’t work in public service. I’m not 100% sure of this information. Maybe just scare me.

— You called after the meeting for questioning by the police?

— March 26, a few hours after my return from the rally, came a police inspector on Affairs of minors. She asked me questions and asked my dad to write a letter of explanation. The father said he supported my desire to go to the rally. More from the power structures nobody bothered me. I was very outraged that three hours after a harmless meeting, the police found my address and came to me, instead of catching real criminals. Here is an example. 9 April in Vladimir there was a football match between the two teams. A group of fans of one of the teams suddenly flew people in masks and started beating him. One guy got his head smashed in. The police said that he does not need to identify people in masks, to seek and bring them to justice.

— Are not you afraid that the participation in rallies of the opposition will be detrimental in your future?

— I know the Russian legislation. I know how and what to say in order not to fall under the 282-th article. And I believe that protests should have a specific purpose. For example, I didn’t go to protest, “I’m Bored!”. By the way, in school we this day arranged a meeting with veterans. But I have no tricks on the part of the school would not go to him.


— March 26 I came to the rally to educate people. Was a concrete fact, a serious cause for conversation. And I wanted to support the presidential ambitions of Alexei Navalny, because fair elections are the only way to change something for the better in Russia.