Fluctuations will continue as the expert predicted the dollar

The currency market took a wait

The dollar, which does not change in price at the official exchange rate of the NBUon 31 July on the interbank currency market of Ukraine has decreased in selling to 27.75 USD. Such data to the website “Today” was given the head of Department of Analytics GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

“In the last day of the month, market participants do not hurry to enter a trade. After strengthening of the hryvnia on Wednesday and another rollback on Thursday, buyers and sellers took a wait. The news background is relatively neutral, but the negative remains the high levels of infection COVID-19“, – explained the expert.

Among the factors contributing to the rate stabilization, he highlighted a marked decline in sales of government bonds by non-residents.

“However, the market continues to push the liquidity received from the repayment of hryvnia bonds, and the adherence of the currency from exporters. Next week the scheduled payments on the bonds UAH 16 billion and $ 140 million, which is also a factor of pressure on the market,” the analyst added.

Ukraine has revised its forecast of the dollar by 2021

According to Shevchishin, market participants await news from the NBU on personnel decisions, which also affects the mood of the market.

“Probably, in the near future the hryvnia exchange rate will continue to demonstrate the vibrations and will move in the range of 27.7 to 27.9 hryvnia per dollar” – predicted specialist.

Earlier, the website “Today” I understand, is now a good time to buy government bonds. And that plans to make the new head of the national Bank Kirill Shevchenko, learn from the video: