In Russia, said, Putin lost to the West

Its aggressive policy towards Ukraine and interference in the Affairs of European States, Russia itself was surrounded by a ring of enemies, and drove its leader Vladimir Putin in a remote corner. This opinion was expressed in comments “Apostrophe” Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

According to him, Russia is now isolated and have no resources to influence the West.

“The geopolitical defeat of Russia is obvious: to divide Europe failed. Brexit eased the situation, at the same time, precisely because the West was built on democratic principles, he learns from his failures, and the threat of Frexit forced the political class and the voters in France to speak out against Le Pen. So this bet has not worked. The result is that Putin’s Russia is itself surrounded by a ring of enemies, because everyone is afraid of her and consider it a source of destabilization. Has turned solid ring – Baltic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus behaves ambivalent, ambivalent. And only one Mr Dodon, Moldova is present on the parade next to Vladimir Putin. This was not long ago. Is Kim Jong-UN to invite a procession. Russia is in isolation, she doesn’t have any resource impact. Because the West is already ready for hacking interventions,” said Oreshkin.

He also noted that the strategy of the West will come from in order to Deplete the Russian financial state, and to leave without monetary resources.

“Russia is becoming a second-rate country with an already weakened position, even in the territory of the former Soviet Union, which is considered its area of influence. So Putin has a very difficult situation, it will only get worse. Before the election he needs to show some victories, and in what field? In Syria, the victory is very doubtful, Ukraine – an obvious defeat. Ukraine, Putin lost, took, however, the Crimea, but rather, it is a weight on the neck,” – said the expert.

Oreshkin added that Putin was in an impossible position: if he will relax its aggressive policy, it will be considered a loss of face; if you want to do more tough, then there are no resources.

“The only thing Putin last few years to realize, is a threat to an armed conflict, what the West can not allow that, because he has other ideas about acceptable losses. If the Soviet army and the Russian leadership acceptable losses were always much higher than for the West, it is clear that the threat of real military conflict for the West is unacceptable,” added the analyst.

As stated earlier the Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans, Vladimir Putin supports right-wing parties in the EU to split Europe.