National Bank has simplified procedure of mergers of banks

The national Bank has optimized the procedure for reorganization of banks through consolidation. This is stated in the message NBU.

Reportedly, significantly reduced the period of reorganization, including the consideration of the regulator documents of banks participating in the reorganization. In particular, the procedure for reorganization of banks through merger will now be the following: the banks parties to the reorganization serves the package of documents for obtaining a preliminary conclusion of the NBU for approval of the reorganization plan.

After giving the NBU the provisional conclusion of the Supervisory boards convene the General meeting of banks-members for a decision on the accession, approval of the reorganization plan and the Treaty of accession.

At the request of the participating banks national Bank grants permission to the reorganization within three business days and publish information on the reorganization of banks in the pages of the official Internet representation of the NBU

After obtaining the NBU approval of restructuring of banks through merger according to the simplified procedure.

Earlier, the national Bank proposed that small banks that fail to increase their capitalization, to self-destruct under the simplified procedure.

We will remind, the NBU allowed the business to invest more abroad.