Scientists first managed to defeat HIV

Scientists from the Medical school of temple University and the University of Pittsburgh was able to completely cure animals from HIV using gene editing CRISPR, according to “Orthodox”.

As you know, HIV is very difficult to eradicate from the body because of its ability to hide in the hidden reservoirs of the body being there in dormant state. But now the experts were able to completely remove HIV DNA from human cells implanted in mice. It is noted that researchers for the first time in the world has reached the complete elimination of HIV from the animals, which paves the way for further clinical trials in humans.

The new work builds on previous research by the same team of scientists who were able to remove HIV from the genome of most fabrics. A year later, the specialists were able to remove the virus from every tissue, confirming the results of previous trials and increasing the efficiency of the strategy of editing genes. The experts found that this strategy is effective in two cases – in the presence of acute infection and in the presence of chronic or latent infection. Just with one use of the technology for genome editing CRISPR/cas9, the researchers were able to completely remove fragments of the virus from infected human cells embedded in tissues and organs of mice.