“Putin has never been aggressive. He is a brilliant strategist”

Chairman of the movement “Freedom and direct democracy” (SPD) and Czech MP Tomio Okamura says that “trump came hope for the end of the aggressive militaristic policy of the USA and hope for reconciliation of the West with the East, hope that there will be no war with Russia, which the Western elite has been preparing for many years.” According to Okamura, Putin has never been aggressive. He is a politician, and strategist with a talent for chess genius.

— Parlamentní listy: What events on our political scene for you was the key in 2016?

— Tomio Okamura: Even with the Czech political point of view, the election of Donald trump is the event of the decade, which I would assume would have a serious impact both in Czech and European politics and international relations.

Whether we have a democracy under threat because of the tandem Babish Zeman, and whether we will become a satellite of Russia or China? Or, on the contrary, democracy in the Czech Republic is threatened by the interference of Brussels, Berlin and Washington?

Democracy is not exactly threatening the President, who is one of the few politicians with respect, as we do in our party, the SPD, refers to the rights of the citizens. But you have to wonder whether we have any democracy at all…

— How is it?

— In power a coalition government that dictates to the chamber of deputies. For example, the government is openly doing everything to ensure that Parliament was only supported by government laws. In other words, the government condemned all deputies and senators on the role of extras, which, in the opinion of the members of the government, is only a compromise with the government proposals. In fact, the deputies lost their legislative power, and that’s the end of the game in some kind of pseudo-democracy.

By the way, this is confirmed by the events surrounding the CETA agreement, which is the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between Canada and the EU, a kind of threshold of such agreement TTIP between the US and the EU. This agreement, depriving us of the last vestiges of sovereignty, we signed Brussels, and only after it is signed we will be able to see the content in our Parliament. The final version of the Treaty could not see even the Czech government, and we have them tied. All of this violates our state sovereignty.

— What events abroad do you consider key?

— I think this is definitely the election of Donald trump as the new President of the United States. This is the most important event not only this year but over the last decade. Everyone knows that I support Donald trump from the beginning, and from last year my name was listed in the official American list of his supporters.

Now there is hope at the end of the aggressive militaristic policy of the USA and hope for reconciliation of the West with the East, hope that there will be no war with Russia, which the Western elite has been preparing for many years. For us in the Czech Republic, small country in Central Europe, in the first place there must be peace, and it is to him I seek in politics. Trump marks the end of a militant persecution of Russia, the hope for peace on the planet, because the United States under the leadership trump will no longer crave the role of world police, which indiscriminately bombards other sovereign Nations.

— It has already been stated that the Secretary of state will be Rex Tillerson, who is called “Pro”. For example, he opposed sanctions. The administration trump can bring to the world, including us, that is the Czech Republic? Will take you into the past, the world as we know it, is what some say?

— These adjectives are ridiculous. If we, the party of the SPD, against anti-Russian sanctions, primarily because we are for the Czech Republic. Our firms have lost billions and not only directly, but also because Western Europe has flooded our market with goods that are not exported to Russia. It is felt by our farmers and food producers. Many companies went bankrupt and many people lost their jobs. I understand that all this did not bother Obama and his imitators, such as the government Sobotka and Babish, but we need to be concerned. And thank God that the USA came to power, reasonable man who wants peace is cooperation, not Vice versa.

— Will we see in connection with this obvious “Russian trace” in the politics of the future President Donald trump?

— What is this Russian track? He was here all the time: the US, NATO and Brussels struggled trying different ways to attack Russia. They were surrounded by NATO bases, and on the Russian border Brussels and NATO provoked a civil war. One aggressive step followed another. I would say that now we have a hope that there will be discharge, that of Russia on the contrary, we will hear less because there will be fewer conflicts.

And that is what we, the Czech Republic and Europe need peace and cooperation between us, Russia and the United States. Equal cooperation without dictatorship. For us as a small Central European countries the most important of all there must be peace, not confrontation and escalation of tension.

— Putin, of course, properly preparing for a “rule” of trump, and although the Russian economy is still in crisis, the popularity of the head of the Kremlin rises to record levels. What will happen to Europe? Whether small States, including the Czech Republic, to fear that the “new” America will bring us as a sacrifice, and we will be in the Russian sphere of influence, as many commentators have warned?

— What nonsense? What is the Russian sphere of influence? Does this mean that instead of American troops, we will have to pass Russian? Unlikely. It only means that in the future, who will not spit on Russia, will not be considered a criminal. No one really understands how intimidating Russia primitive and shabby? The Americans carried out military maneuvers around Russia’s borders and some fool is trying to scare us with Russia? What, there are Russian bases in Mexico or Canada, where they spend teaching? How many countries attacked Putin?

Obama managed to destroy by bombing seven sovereign States. And all these countries are thousands of miles away from the U.S., the country that had the States not threatened. But their leadership has ceased to obey US. While Saddam Hussein was killed on the orders of the CIA and the Iranians and Kurds, he was the toast of presidents. The Saudis Fund extremism, paying terrorists, fomenting war, torture, kill, but due to the fact that they listen to Washington, the Western world turns a blind eye to their crimes. Assad supposedly a dictator, but compared to the Saudis he is a flagman of democracy and religious and civil tolerance.

After all, the neighboring Islamic countries the monarchical dictatorship — not even aware that such elections, and Assad was elected by the majority of citizens. I’m not talking about the civil rights of minorities, women and homosexuals. At last some neighboring Islamic countries take away even the right to life and execute them for their homosexuality.

Experts predict that victory trump does not please Ukraine, which the new American President to be cast overboard and will cease to support it, which is now. So what will happen to Ukraine? Crimea, apparently, did not return, but what will happen to the conflict in the East and the state of Ukraine itself, because there almost anything is not functioning, no money, in fact, nothing?

— First of all, historically, Crimea was never Ukrainian: for centuries it belonged to Russia and always was Russian. By the way, Kiev also built a Russian, and it was originally the capital of ancient Russia. In the referendum the people of Crimea freely and overwhelmingly voted for joining back to mother Russia, and it was a reaction to the fanatical anti-Russian actions of the Nazis in Kiev after Kiev, the Parliament adopted laws against the Russian minority. All our journalists prefer to forget.

Putin, no one didn’t steal Crimea. It is full of hatred the Ukrainians in Kiev angered his people from the Russian minority and convinced the Russians that in the Ukraine they are second-class citizens. The right to self-determination is a basic civil democratic rights. On its basis was created and our Republic, and I was quite surprised that someone in the Czech Republic is the courage and the audacity to deny this right to other. Moreover, these people applauded when the Serbs by force by killing and bombing took their historic territory of Kosovo, which he handed to the Kosovo criminal mafia.

If people in Donetsk do not want to live with those who bombed and killed, then let’s not be surprised and will not get them. It’s irrevocably destroyed for many centuries to come. Imagine that someone forced you to stay after the war a protectorate of Nazi Germany. When the Ukrainians bombed your house and killed the family, you would not want to live with them in one state. And especially in a state that is officially anti-Russian. All that you, as a Russian, would not be motivated to joint existence.

Ukrainian sympathy toward Nazism and fascism is, of course, it is one problem that Russians in Eastern Ukraine also does not suck. And I am not surprised. In a country that is Pro-Nazi and hates his people, I would not want to live. I hope that Russians in Donetsk and other regions will get at least some independence, because the only way to put an end to mutual tension. Who does not see the facts, not familiar with the real situation.

— By the way, if I were to summarize this whole process of deterioration of relations with Russia, which began after independence, naturally there was he? Maybe Putin was still aggressive against the West? Or was it a mistake? And the West or Russia is too far?

— First I would like to stress that am neither a fan of Putin or Pro-Russian, Pro-American or Pro-Chinese politician. I first processi. But back to your question. Putin has never been aggressive — please pay attention to it. He is a politician, and strategist with a talent for chess genius. A sharp emotional actions, he calmly replies, thought out several steps ahead. I was very surprised with our doodles, who still repeat the mantra about the evil Putin and incredibly underappreciated.

I remember with the introduction of the first sanctions against Russia, the ruble fell and the country seemed on the verge of financial collapse. Instead of surrender to panic and decadent moods, Putin took advantage of the situation and bought for cheap rubles almost nothing of foreign shares in Russian companies, as well as other methods used emergency. He went to China, although all predicted that the chances of something in there to agree with Putin there. I remember on Czech television gathered lots of “experts” who said that, saying, “this is the 50th negotiations”, China will not yield and will not begin to buy Russian gas at Russian prices. I was just surprised how stupid are these pseudo. Is Putin would go to China, if advance is not discussed? And the next day it was announced the agreement.

To sum up, the sanctions for the time outwardly weakened Russia, but Putin used it to strengthen the Russian economy and increased its diversification to the detriment of the West with the East orientation. What is the situation today? We still need Russian gas and oil, but Russia our market is not needed. She became stronger and more independent than before. For us this harm and loss, because we need Russian raw materials and Russian markets.

— Can we say that the US supported the Kiev government after the coup because of “Obama’s” idealism, or reason were different?

— Well, of course, because of the idealism, if you count the philosophy of Obama, Clinton and other ideals. Their ideal is to rule the world. And they are convinced that to achieve this goal, they need to subjugate Russia.

They are wrong because to obey America intends not only Russia but also China, India and all of Latin America, in which American hate criminals, and are time friendly dictators who kill on the orders of the United States. Modern Latin American countries are more free and independent from the United States. And the fact that long-term confrontation between the US and Cuba is a tiny entirely conquered Cuba.

The policy of the American lobby of arms manufacturers, which coordinated dictatorship and war across the planet failed. As a result of US losing everywhere. From trump depends, whether will refuse from this self-destructive line and turn if in a new direction that will bring prosperity to the rest of the world and the United States.

— Fundamental to the international arena will politics trump against China. Now says a lot in favor of the fact that the new President conspired with the Russians against the Chinese. He called the head of Taiwan, and this angered Beijing, and then another, and stated that he did not know why the United States to adhere to the policy of a single China, and, most likely, will demand concessions for the recognition of integrity. Will there be a trade war? Will the Chinese to submit? And what, in fact, might face trump? For example, talking about a large number of U.S. bonds, which belong to the Beijing…

— China is the largest creditor of the United States, and in addition, he has billions of American dollars. But let’s not anticipate events: Donald trump is not a stupid actor Reagan, and businessman, and the Chinese are also great salesmen. In the end we will probably wait for a mutually beneficial agreement.

— A very topical theme is the fight against the so-called misinformation, fake news, Russian propaganda and the way. What do you think, in most cases, the efforts really being made with sincere purpose to eradicate the propaganda that is hammered into the heads of unconscious people stories? What role can play the political struggle? Can all these efforts is really something be? Maybe all this is just going to piss off people?

— It would be nice if we systematically fought against misinformation, lies, and manipulation that we feed the media. One of many such media is Czech television. So the authors of the so-called distorted information are not Russian. Yes, Russian media are trying to convey to us in the Czech Republic the information that we have, but, in my opinion, rightly so, because we are able to evaluate the positions of both sides, and not consumed only one-sided propaganda.

I know our disinformation and manipulare, are horrified by the fact that their propaganda has stopped working. This is a completely new phenomenon which politicians and the media mainstream today have to deal with. Blatant lies about the Ukrainian crisis, and then about the war of Ukrainian fascists against the Russian minority was so obvious that people finally stopped believing the media mainstream. The subsequent lies and disinformation about Syria and, finally, baiting Donald trump has only confirmed the loss of all confidence in what we feed our elites.

However, the merit of the Russians in this small. Recently on Czech radio Plus touching the commentators agreed about the crimes of Russia in Syria, where it allegedly does not fight with terrorism, and with the moderate Islamic opposition… I wonder how to distinguish between moderate Islamic opposition from extremists and terrorists, when those and others in the name of his ideas about Allah are fighting with machine guns in hands, killing government soldiers and Christians and Salafis. What to do to the legitimate government of Assad and the Russians? Do they have to those who shoot them who have occupied the city of peace, as in Aleppo, to send a Christmas card and wait for it?

Today we all already know that the mass murder of civilians with sarin on the conscience of Assad is the culprit, surprisingly, until recently, “reasonable”, the Islamic opposition group “Front EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). By the way, she brought the sarin gas from “American” of Iraq through Turkey with the full support of the latter. And the sarin group USA and Europe is presented as a crime of Assad and as for the argument of the attack on him. But recently it became known that at least the CIA knew about the origin of the sarin.

So let us always ask ourselves, what do we know, then, why we know it. Because what we are treated by the media, is always hiding some purpose. I say this because the game is much larger and deeper, and many journalists, apparently, are not even aware of that are, conversely, some spread their misinformation, believing that they serve the right side. However, a significant proportion of journalists deliberately lying, for money or, at best, for fear of losing their job. So they dutifully write that they ordered the guide edition.

— And how can you compare the proven activities of Russian information agencies, such as Sputnik and Russia Today, which operate and influence public opinion in the West, with the activities of the organizations included in the portfolio of billionaire Soros and other NGOs, by contrast, work more in the East?

— I think that one is openly recognized by the Russian media, which just legitimately convey the position of the Russian side, as well as information that otherwise we would not be penetrated. Another is the media, as “Radio Free Europe”, which is openly financed by the USA, and directs them to the CIA. There is a more secretive organization funded by the US government, the CIA and various funds. Their true focal points are hidden, and they operate under the guise of fighting for the rights and posing as an independent organization. Here we must be careful: if someone hides their “benefactor”, then you have to wonder why.

I don’t care if the Americans will Finance “Radio Free Europe” which will transmit their view of the world. Another thing, when supposedly independent organization to penetrate social media and spread propaganda under the guise of objective information. This is the real blatant propaganda, which we must stop.