How to get rid of obsessive friendship, which you don’t need

The more selective you are in choosing our environment, the more you will be successful. And Vice versa: the more time you allot not worth your attention people are, the less you will have time for myself and real friends, i.e. people who are positive and important to you, writes

Don’t be too good. This may sound rough, but because toxic people tend to take advantage of any kindness, excessive kindness can be to the detriment of you. Realize that toxic people get their energy due to the exhaustion of your good nature, they prey on your trust and kindness. This does not mean that you have to be cruel – you just have to stop spending on their emotions.

To save them is not your concern. Toxic people are good at to show when they need something, especially during crisis moments in life. They asked to cry on your shoulder, lend your ears to give them the loan – in this case a request for a favor they can disguise it as advice. However, all this subterfuge, trespass on your time and attention, do not give them, regardless of the circumstances. The more problem solving that such a person is not only your responsibility, it is likely beyond your capabilities.

What’s done is done. Toxic people will keep coming back in your life if you let them, so when you decide to say goodbye to such a person, make sure you are ready to do this once and for all. When you decide to move forward we need to move on no matter what, otherwise toxic people will always find a way to get you into trouble or begin in your life the next drama.

If the toxic person relates to family members, and therefore it is impossible to break off relations completely, you can still set clear limits for interactions with it (e.g. “We will only talk by phone once a month” or “You’ll visit us only during the holidays”).