How to stop eating sweet: five tips for fitness trainer

To cheer up, to cheer up and seize in a bad mood, you can use sweets. Wrong to do, but this is used by many.

Soon you realize that life without bread, chocolate or cake is not sweet. You become dependent on sweets and unable to control yourself.

How to get rid of cravings for sweets, knows fitness coach Tatiana Godard, reports the New time.

To kill Candida

If a person regularly consumes sweets, the microflora in its intestines settled and actively propagated the fungus Candida Ablicans, whose sweet — species food. While we feed the fungus, it is alive and well, requiring ever larger doses. More sweet — more Candida. So when you pull on harmful sweets — it’s not her you want, and Candida manipulates you, demanding food.

The way out is to stop feeding the fungus. Just to understand how it works and consciously approach the matter. For starters, you can try to cut back on servings of sweet, while replacing the harmful kinds (cakes made from wheat flour) nemeckimi treats (e.g., marshmallows, cheesecake) and pastries from oat and buckwheat flour. Then gradually switch to fruit.

There are more fast and effective solution to the problem – deliberately do not eat sweets for six weeks. As practice shows, during this time, the body gets rid of Candida Ablicans so that they cease to dictate food choices.

Yes, you will need to survive a short-term “breaking”, but if you understand its nature, and will cope with it much easier. With each passing day “fits” will occur less and less, and eventually you forget about them, feel free man. Later you will be able to re-enter sweet in the diet, but this time it is up to you to decide what is, and not Candida.

To choose the right foods

Fast carbs, i.e. sweet, belong to the category of foods with a high glycemic index. Accordingly, they cause sugar spikes. Ate sweet — sharp rise in blood glucose. In response, the pancreas thrown into the blood, a loading dose of insulin, followed by a sharp drop in glucose. Occurs hypoglycemia, and you urgently need to eat something sweet. The brain shuts down, and the only thing you can think about is piece of cake, without which life seems to lose meaning. Then the bout is over, and you promise yourself next time not to succumb to provocation. But the situation is repeated as soon as the glucose level falls.

Breaking the cycle will help foods with a low glycemic index (40 and below). If you’re life is not sweet without the sweet, choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%. With the high fat content of chocolate has a glycemic index of 28. Therefore, if you eat no more than 20 grams in the morning, you can eat, and save the figure.

You can also make sorbet, calories which is equal to the caloric content of the fruit from which it is made. Better to make sorbet without added sugar: just whip the berries or fruits in a blender and place briefly in the freezer. On average, sorbet contains from 35 to 70 kilocalories per 100 grams of the finished product. If you want you can sprinkle with cocoa.

But ideally, of course, fruits with a low glycemic index. This, for example, grapefruit, orange, strawberries, raspberries and many others.

Wake up “hormones of joy”

The combination of fat and sweets found in most treats, stimulates the release of the so-called “happiness hormones” in the first place, of serotonin. But this way of pleasure produces an addiction: once a person eats a cake or muffin, his body increases serotonin levels. Sugar is quickly metabolized, the amount in the blood drops sharply, and you want another shot (another piece of cake). And this process is infinite. On the other hand, regularly stimulating due to the sweet release of serotonin and other neurotransmitters responsible for good mood, we are violating the natural mechanisms for their generation. This leads to the fact that no cakes have a person reach a real breaking, the dependence is similar narcotic. If he is not getting sweet, falls into a severe depression (with food “pleasure hormone” is not received, and the body to work forgot).

You must rerun the processes of natural “production” of serotonin, dopamine, etc. the Best way is to find a source of positive emotions. To give joy to loved ones and get her back to do what he likes, to visit interesting events, to communicate with the harmonious you love. Options – the sea! In the meantime you are in search of, just go to the gym, dancing or a walk. It is scientifically proven that physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins.

To run more air

Provoke sugar cravings can tissue hypoxia. This oxygen starvation of cells in the human body. Cause this condition may any even minor factors that tend to decrease the efficiency of utilization of oxygen by tissue cells. The reasons may be different – chronic stress, hormonal disruption, lack of exercise, poor nutrition etc. as well As diseases and pathological processes, accompanied by metabolic disorders (inflammation, renal failure, hepatic coma, some endocrinopathies, infectious diseases, malignant tumors, etc.).

In a state of tissue hypoxia, the main source of energy are fast carbs. Hence the increased appetite, craving for sweets.

It is important to find ways to restore physical and mental health. This release of stress, and healthy sleep, and adequate food, and more fresh air. To withstand stress at the physiological level will also help fill the deficit of calcium, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B6 etc. would highly recommended to consult a doctor, for the setting of tissue hypoxia to take a blood test and undergo treatment if needed.

In addition to tissue hypoxia, there are many other diseases that trigger sugar cravings. To exclude the presence of abnormalities, should go on reception to the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist, the cardiologist and the gynecologist (for men — a urologist).

To establish a proper diet

Insatiable craving for sweets can be when the body is starving in desperation, he requires calories, and fast. And the fastest calorie – a “heavy” dessert. Make like cakes and buns, do not have to go hungry – enough to eat regularly in fast food. We are talking about food, which, despite the calorie content, no use of the body does not carry. In fact, you are hungry, but gain weight.

The output is clear: to properly feed your body so that it regularly received a sufficient number of essential vitamins and minerals. Don’t need to eat what you don’t like, because so many delicious and healthy food.

For this you need to plan meals so that each day to get a sufficient amount of useful protein, fat and carbohydrates. It is not difficult to do with any budget – it would wish. If it is to hard to handle, go to a specialist. Fight for yourself and your health!

Remember: addiction to candy, like most forms of addiction, very seriously tied to physiology. On force of will alone will not get you far, step by step to change your diet and lifestyle. With the speed that is comfortable for you personally. The reward will be freedom, health, beauty, inner harmony and the ability to again live happy and fulfilling lives.