For that fought for it and ran

We, Latvians, are proud people. We don’t need bread and money, if only we were allowed to be in the vanguard of the whole of Europe in the formation of a particularly hostile relationship with Russia.

Our foreign Ministry and our ruling party care about it. We had in Jurmala, for example, the song festival “New wave”. But we do not need any of the “New wave” — the Minister of foreign Affairs Edgars rinkēvičs was denied entry into Latvia the three Russian singers, and the festival moved to Sochi, taking with them millions of money. Let the Russians choke on their money! We better die of hunger, but will not listen to Russian songs. When they sing Russian, nearby residents can not sleep. Now they can sleep peacefully.

Not dozens, but hundreds of millions have gone past the nose of Latvia because our ruling representatives of the people, virtually eliminated the trade in residence permits in exchange for purchase of real estate. This property previously actively buying critics of the Putin regime, the Russian dissidents, but we don’t need no Russian, neither Putinists nor dissidents. We are proud of the money we need.

Germans, poles and Finns are willing to “acquire” on the Nord Steam project-2, which provided for the sale of gas from Russia to Western Europe, and Latvia could get some piece, approximately EUR 25 million from this project. But we are proud people. Our government has decided that in any case no part in this project. The municipality of Ventspils severely threatened and banned to participate in it. Let poles and Germans dragged dragged huge bags of money. Us in this event will not be because we are afraid of Russian spies, who could theoretically squeeze through the pipelines and illegal to be in the Republic of Latvia.

What conceived new tax policy and reform? It’s so simple to understand. If you cancel the solidarity tax, it is intended to ensure that all were equal. Why is the chief of airBaltic Martin Gauss, which receives more than a million euros a year should pay more than Peteris, which is in a black body toiling for minimum rate? Let everyone pay the same — solidarity!

By lowering the income tax from residents from 23% to 20% you will see a small gap in the budget — 470 or 180 million euros, it is not known because the Ministry of Finance did not specifically counted. But it doesn’t matter. Already coined as the gap shut. Increase the excise tax on vodka and diesel fuel. If diesel will be more expensive, will rise and other prices at all. And if not enough for sealing the gaps, will further raise VAT. In General, there is a variety of possible creativity, not only in the increase of existing taxes, but also in inventing new ones. For example, the tax on the beard, as when Peter the great tax on the inhalation of the air, of a tax on riding a bike or sitting on the couch, as well as taxes on the coffin, because taxes must be as inevitable as death.

The new tax system, in which we will live in the coming years, is created for successful and receiving the income can live more successful and profitable, and the poor, the losers, the old, the sick, the weak and foolish became even poorer.

However, it is logical. For the old and weak in the other countries of the world are left-wing parties. In Latvia the left-wing parties or one hour were not in power, because we have left are associated with Marx, the Soviet Union and Russia. And right is good.

It turns out that the Latvians, who at some point with no luck, there is no other choice but to flee to England, while she has not “had brecciarola”. Those who stayed here, again it will vote for the right. “The Latvian way”, “people’s party”, “New time”, “Unity” — the Latvians chose the right path. He fought it and got it. But then there is no reason to complain: we are always unerringly chose those for whom at least some social responsibility was the last of priorities, for whom well-being “money bags” was in the first place. So what do we want?

Now Latvia is becoming a bit empty. If there are any entrepreneurs who want to open a trade, they will have the workforce. Then labour have to be imported from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Vietnam. This also applies to the right and liberal policy — free movement of labor and capital And we still continue to vote for the right because right is good.