For the sake of friendship with Russia can and cheat?

Most importantly, the precision of definitions and wording. Bill Clinton “never had sex with that woman” and got away with it. Jeff and Roman sessions never had “contacts” with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. But it all depends on what you mean by the word “sex” and what do you mean by “contact”.

Cheated if their colleagues ‘ sessions, the current “top COP of America” in the office of the attorney General, or falsehood, like treason is only a matter of time, does not matter. Or almost has. Importantly, what happened between Donald trump and Russian before trump became President. But one thing for sure — something was going on.

It is believed that Russia — the main enemy of America. In the confrontation between the Kremlin continues to spend trillions of dollars. Russia has long announced the main “threat” to America, Europe, the cause of disarmament and peace on Earth. She is aggressive and undemocratic. All power America for half a century was intended to curb, punish, destroy, and humiliate Russia and its leaders (currently Vladimir Putin).

And suddenly there is the American President, moreover — the President of the right-wing, which gives the impression of a bosom friend of Russia. He says that Putin is he likes and what he wants to get along with him. Putin supposedly — a guy like trump. Therefore, the election headquarters trump began (somewhat recklessly) to probe the soil.

Those of us who believe that American (and British) approach to Russia since 1990, was provocative, clumsy and counterproductive, probably welcomes these initiatives. Barack Obama also wanted to “reset relations” with Russia, but it did not work. Could it be trump?

So why is the planned trump “turn to the East” seemed to act very insidious, associated with lies, hypocrisy and denial? Why not come clean and announce ambitious and constructive policy change? Let’s try to penetrate and understand the feelings of insecurity of Putin — especially in relation to its neighbors. He could just say: let’s throw meaningless sanctions that are any good do not bring, but many are harmful, and define “red lines” in matters related to military activities, as well as areas in which we are ready to cooperate; let’s use soft and hard diplomacy.

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that trump is clearly naive and the role of the chief Executive is incompetent. It tends to get in the history of appointees, it seems, is not suitable for their positions. Rumor has it that trump is associated with dark financial schemes Putin. Anyway, if he really intends to implement a sharp turn in the policy of the West toward Russia, the more we know, the better. The Congress has raised a stir and intends to investigate the case thoroughly. For trump it would be prudent to tell the whole truth.

But there is a danger not to see the forest for the trees, so let’s not lose sight of the main. Given the instability in the world, the rapprochement between America and Russia is the goal really justified and worthwhile. In this case, there are great opportunities to relieve tension, release resources, fight poverty and save lives. Some lies and errors on the way to this goal — this is the price to pay.