Fear and confusion in the United States after the nuclear threats of the President

Friday morning USA awoke under the message of the President of Donald trump on Twitter that the military arsenals of the country, “charged and ready” for war, if North Korea behaves “irrationally”.

After on Monday it became known that North Korea probably now has nuclear missiles capable of hitting American territory, the situation was worsened by the day. For every attack the North Koreans President Donald trump responded more strongly, not hesitating in expressions.

Kim Eun-Che “insulted” the United States, said trump at a press conference on Thursday and added:

— Let’s see what he will do with GUAM. If it has something to do with him, what will happen with North Korea, then, will have no analogues in the world history.

It is the challenge of Kim Chen Ynu?— asked one of the journalists.

— No, it’s not a challenge. These are the facts, ‘ said trump.

What is the meaning of the word trump?

It’s just talk, or we really are on the brink of nuclear war?

This issue was most important in the United States this week. Journalists, experts in the field of security and members of Congress for several days trying to understand the meaning of threats and tweets trump. Simultaneously, the White House and various members of the government made contradictory statements.

Some of the staff of the President implying the us media that trump statements should be taken seriously, but not literally. This fits the pattern of behavior that we see throughout the seven months of his presidency.

But in the conflict concerning North Korea, the unorthodox style of communication trump means, however, a great challenge for the administration. This is a “typical trump,” said an expert on North Korea, Robert Kelly (Robert E. Kelly) in an interview with The Washington Post.

“He improvises and says that he comes to mind, and then his national security team should attempt all a little to calm. They call me and ask if this is the beginning of a nuclear war, or is it just a tramp who uses strong language,” said Kelly.

“Irresponsible and dangerous”

The New York Times called such rhetoric in its editorial irresponsible and dangerous, and Angela Merkel on behalf of Germany warned that “verbal arms race” is not a good tactic.

Then just trying to turn down the rhetoric came the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who, in particular, on Wednesday said the reason for restless sleep at night, no. Press Secretary Tillerson Nauert Heather (Heather Nauert) said on Thursday that the position, policy and strategy of the United States remained unchanged.

The Secretary of state and the U.S. representative to the UN, Nikki Haley will meet with trump and his adviser on national security, G. R. McMaster, to discuss the situation on Saturday night, Norwegian time.

Political chaos

From the outset, the administration trump gave the impression of chaotic due to a number of changes and internal conflicts. The very Trump likes to surround himself with advisers who hold different points of view.

However, in the last week the struggle for power in the White house seemed all the more destabilizing in a situation that requires special attention. Senior strategist at trump Steve Bannon and Frank engaged in an intensive campaign to shift MacMaster, the national security adviser. This comes at a time when McMaster needs to coordinate work with the aim of resolving the North Korean crisis.

On Thursday, trump took McMaster under the guard and called him a “good guy.” Simultaneously, the President criticized the leaders of his own party in Congress, especially the leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell. Constant attacks of the President of the party weakened its support for the elected representatives of the people.

Several Republicans said that they would be more like it if trump did something to unite the party in difficult times.

How real is the threat of war?

On Friday, several experts said that there is nothing that would indicate that the American armed forces as something special to increase their readiness in the region. Not seen any sign of the evacuation of American citizens.

However, GUAM is distributed to its nearly 160 thousand residents information about what they should do in case the island is attacked. GUAM — a US territory.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN said this week that he was preparing plans to attack the island. The US on GUAM’s military bases.

“Trump is hard to be believable”

“President trump said so many things and has promised that it is difficult to seem plausible. I have a feeling that even his closest associates do not perceive his rhetoric against North Korea 100% seriously,” says Svein Melby (Svein Melby), studying U.S. security policy.

Like so much else, the decision by President trump conflict with North Korea and his sharp attacks are absolutely not traditional, says the analyst of Institute of military studies.

“The most common way is when you first try all other ways. The President is the last person speaks, for example, on the eve of war with Iraq in 1991, then President Bush made a speech, when the situation there in the end became insurmountable.

“As for North Korea, it is all started from the other end, something first “he want” the President, while the Minister of defence and others employees all the time to clarify that war is the last option,” says Svein Melby.

“War is a terrible tragedy”

Melby refers to the fact that the U.S. Secretary of defense James N. Mattis said Thursday that the war on the Korean Peninsula would have been a terrible tragedy, the victims of which, perhaps, would become hundreds of thousands of people.

“It’s very unfortunate, but the world had begun to get used to the fact that the American President speaks loudly and violently, but that’s a lot to be treated with skepticism. But when two of the state leader came to grips with each other, using the rhetoric that we hear now, not what you can’t be sure. This can lead to the creation of excessive nervousness in the region and that the situation could spiral out of control because of misunderstandings or due to the fact that the situation is pumped so that something can happen,” — said Melby.

The analyst says that perhaps the statements of the trump needs to show China that the US patience comes to an end, and that China should do something more to stop North Korea and Kim Jong UN in the development and testing of nuclear weapons.

“But if someone wants to say something like China, this should be done through diplomatic channels. If you use the official statement, as in the case with trump, it’s unlikely to help convince the Chinese,” — says Melby.

“The United States has a crushing superiority”

“Militarily the United States has a crushing superiority over North Korea and have the weapon which is being tested for many decades. North Korea was not experienced and did not demonstrate at least some of the missiles that — technically — could hit GUAM,” says the Colonel Esteve Palle (Palle Ydstebø) from Institute of Armed forces of Norway.

He said that neither the United States nor North Korea does not want any military conflict, and the escalation that we see, occurs only in the rhetoric. As for North Korea, it is because Kim Jong UN wants to strengthen its position in own country and the position in future negotiations. As for the US, it is because in this country now in power the President who solely often says what he thinks and often uses strong language.

“I seriously doubt that any armed conflict will actually. All have mechanisms to prevent the escalation of the conflict to such an extent that in turn will really go guns. And I think China is rather active behind the scenes to defuse the situation,” said Lieutenant Colonel Estebe.