Criticize the government? Give me the property and went out of the country!

In the Ukrainian political Beau Monde is not quenched the discussion of the two resonant scandals that occurred on the eve of the may holidays. First, the controversial seizure of some $ 1.5 billion, allegedly belonging to Viktor Yanukovych, with it, on the eve of the court hearing the criminal case opened against the ex-President, and second, the Bank confirmed rumors about the deprivation of people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko Ukrainian citizenship. What do these scandals were dealt with “Country”.

Armed with power — method executions of opponents

Precedent Deputy Andrey Artemenko, which allegedly deprived the Ukrainian citizenship, acquires new details. As it turned out, the Commission on citizenship issues under the President of Ukraine (which is according to the decision of this Commission, the President may issue decrees on granting citizenship, and out of it) at its meeting did not consider the situation with Artemenko, and that citizenship Artemenko was discontinued, have learned from the media. Moreover, currently, members of the Commission were at a loss — what to reply to the letter of the Deputy of his rights. About this collision told reporters the Committee member, MP and member of the Committee on human rights Valery Patskan.

As you know, opal Artemenko began with the fact that The New York Times wrote that the Ukrainian lawmaker suggested that the former Advisor to Donald trump, Michael Flynn his plan to end the conflict in the Donbas. When it turned out that the author of the plan — a Deputy from the Radical party Andrei Artemenko, this political force took the decision to exclude Artemenko from the parliamentary faction.

Since the Ukraine dual citizenship is prohibited, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine appealed to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov with a request to initiate through the State migration service procedure the loss of MP Artemenko Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of the fact that in 2005 it received canadian citizenship.

Later he Artemenko said that your canadian passport has already passed, and if the President actually signed the Decree about deprivation of its citizenship, it will be the Decree to appeal (article 25 of the Constitution expressly prohibits to deprive Ukrainians of their country of citizenship). If the President’s decree on the termination of citizenship of the Deputy Artemenko really exist in nature, this case will be the first in the history of Ukraine. That a good part of the Deputy corps is the happy owners of passports of other countries, saying “the Country” and the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin, however, refuses to name names.

Many political experts in the precedent Artemenko see a new round of policy tightening by the authorities in relation to their opponents.

Ex-MP Oleksandr Onishchenko on his page in Facebook wrote that “coming off the rails mode” Poroshenko has adopted the methods of the Bolsheviks. “And this method is the deprivation of citizenship. They began with that first run-in technology of deprivation of the mandate of objectionable deputies, as was done with the stated and Firsov (former people’s deputies from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Mykola Tomenko and Egor Firsov — Approx. Ed.). Then the excuse was: I wrote a statement of withdrawal from the faction. Now went a step further and begin to deprive not only of the mandate but also of citizenship for a foreign passport, writes Onishchenko on FB. But it’s not even outrage. This is pure tyranny. Objectionable pool will only grow. First go the objectionable policy, “improper” business “unpatriotic” public figures and end all that will start to sort already voters. Do not vote for Poroshenko? Don’t like the “BPP”? Criticize the government? Went out of the country! Yes, and possessions do not forget to leave! I think it’s fantastic? Open your eyes. This is our modern Ukraine. It is here and now and around us.”

“If it’s not fake, it grossly violated the Constitution, according to which nobody may be deprived of citizenship. This is the first in nearly 26 years of independence decision of this kind, and, in my opinion, it is contrary to the principles of a legal state. What the wise man advises us to take such anti-legal acts? Because it is nothing like selective application of the law. The country has dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people are in such a situation, the so — called “sleeping” dual citizenship, when citizenship is “waking up”, if the person moved to the country concerned. For example, everybody who left for permanent residence in Israel, retain Ukrainian citizenship if they have become on the consular account. They are returning to Ukraine, reduced their Ukrainian citizenship so he doesn’t lose. I know a lot of such cases. The decision on the termination of citizenship Artemenko, in my opinion, will only reinforce doubts about the European way of Ukraine. No wonder the recent search and seizure in the International centre for policy studies in connection with the same criminal proceedings caused such a stir in Brussels,” — said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Helsinki group for human rights, Yevhen Zakharov.

“President moves to tighten policy, walking on the edge of the law. And this is such a common trend. There is a dominance of the presidential power vertical. While this is not a strong reaction either domestically or abroad. Because, first, war justifies some things, secondly, no attention and control from the West. In conditions, when there is nothing to show, no social results, economic results, and to act according to procedure, then generally there will be no victories in this power,” — said “Country,” political analyst Vadim Karasev.

“Played farce in the pursuit of rating”

Explanation from the authorities is not enough and in the case of resonance — the seizure of $ 1.5 billion, attributed to the Prosecutor General’s office of the former President Viktor Yanukovych. Despite the fact that the Country has unveiled the scandalous decision of Kramatorsk court on this subject, and it clearly shows that specefically used in the result of the transaction the Director of pound of one of the firms Kurchenko Arkadiy Kashkin with the investigation, and shall be subject to seizure primarily of bonds Treasury bonds, the attorney General continues to argue that the state Treasury was transferred that money, and not securities.

MP Serhiy Leshchenko has called this situation “trash and waste”. “Sensation of recent days — alleged confiscation of $ 1.5 billion Yanukovych is a complete trash and waste. Just today I realized what play we all vtyuhali. The verdict of Kramatorsk court, which withdrew the money, dealt with a fictitious owner of the company Kurchenko. It is a Arkadiy Kashkin is it “no” and call him “rubbish”, the man who for $ 500 sold their passport details. Two years ago he had pleaded guilty and the court awarded him a penalty… 51 thousand hryvnias. Now a new verdict. What the entire process, from commencement to sentence, took just two weeks. In other words, Lutsenko with subordinates played the farce in the pursuit of ratings and the expectation that the Fuckers “shavaet”. In fact, no actual breakthrough in the case of the gang of Yanukovych did not happen. But this bullshit can be infinitely long to sell to the voters,” — said the Deputy.

“This story could simply be considered a PR in the acute form, if not the background that is behind it. The authorities are now trying to enlist the support of radical audience in order to concentrate the most influence in their hands. The same frame fits the deterioration of the situation with the media, the deprivation of citizenship Artemenko. On the one hand, the government forces, but the legal tools to stay in power left, so they started to blatantly break the opponents knee. It launched an unprecedented struggle for resources. 10 thousand dead in the Donbas, numerous political assassinations, which are still not revealed — Elder, Sheremet, Grabowski did not give them such chances. They understand that first will come the political and then legal liability. Nice to get away and stay in the system tools there is little. Therefore, the struggle for power and its retention each becomes particularly fierce,” says “Country,” political expert Ruslan Bortnik.

To take and deprive

Among politicians and experts have rumored that applied to Artemenko and in the case of the “1.5 billion” methods will be used in the future — through the dubious mechanism of the special confiscation, on the basis of the testimony of some dubious individuals (like “pound” Kashkin) will be selected property from obstinate businessmen or politicians. And so those have less opportunity to defend themselves, they still will be deprived of citizenship on charges of a second passport. By the way, the last option can be used against many MPs — so they lose their mandate and cease to be inviolable.

Note that the alternative system to the tightening of the authorities to the opponents (resulting from small chances to win elections in conditions of equal competition) in the circles of the Ukrainian elite considered the option of transition to a parliamentary Republic with the leveling powers of the President (that the identity of the future head of state meant nothing). About it already wrote “Country”. Of the need to take this step of Petro Poroshenko are now allegedly actively persuades and “popular front”, the Prime Minister Groysman, and even part of the inner circle of the President.

However, judging by recent actions Bank by Artemenko and “confiscated billions”, Poroshenko still has not lost the belief that you can win, extremely tightening the nuts and monopolize the control necessary to win elections resources. The only question is how quickly in this way, they will be disappointed.