Uber will pay for any cheat drivers $ 20 million

District court in San Francisco sentenced the company Uber to pay a fine in the amount of $ 20 million for the introduction of drivers in confusion about future earnings and to Finance the purchase of cars. It is reported The Hill.

As writes the edition, Uber inflated the amount that can earn its drivers nearly 20 U.S. cities.

On the Uber website reported that the median annual income of its drivers in new York exceeded 90 thousand dollars in San Francisco – 74 thousand dollars. In fact, the income of drivers working 40 hours a week, was much lower: 29 thousand dollars in new York city and about 21 thousand dollars in San Francisco.

In addition, from January to March 2015 at the classifieds site Craigslist the company promised drivers a high hourly fee, e.g., $ 25 per hour in Boston and 18 dollars an hour in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, the FTC found that the US average less than 30% of drivers could make these Uber amounts in Boston, this share was less than 10%.

Uber agreed together with the American authorities to decide how best to pay compensation to the drivers.

The company itself denies the fact of fraud, but promised to improve policies for working with the drivers. The deal with the FTC does not imply that the company should plead guilty.