Celebrities stood up for the semi-finalist “Most intelligent”, which annulled the mcqs on mathematics for headphones in the pocket

At the height of introductory campaign, which yesterday, on 29 June, was launched in Ukraine in social networks surfaced a nasty incident with a graduate student, which annulled the results of testing in math for the fact that his pockets were headphones.

About this in Facebook wrote the frontman of Ukrainian band “Antitila” Taras Poplar.

“On the morning of 31 may 2017 Sasha Trofimov was one of the first to EIT mathematics and headed for the exit from the audience. This caused “suspicion” of the Commission.

The output when passing the metal detector in your pocket Sasha found a cheap wired headphones. ATTENTION! without the device to which they could be connected!

Headphones took, answers mcqs annulled. Members of the Commission did not understand that the reason a quick solution to Sasha for testing were his high intelligence and education and not headphones in the pocket”, – stated in the message.

According to Taras, this guy is a multiple winner of numerous regional competitions, the nominee “leader of the year” in his high school, semi-finalist of the TV show “The smartest”. At the same time, he notes that rules for exams are the same for all, but in the case of mills have been just an unfortunate mistake that can stand the guy dearly.

“Can I ask you to give him a chance to prove your knowledge! For all other examinations passed them with a high passing score! Now Sasha is not allowed to re-exam mcqs in mathematics,” writes Topol.

However, the musician appealed to the Minister of education of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych with a request to allow the guy to retake the math exams.

As an example, he cited the story of his colleagues of the singer Natalka Karpa, who told about a guy from a poor family with good knowledge and abilities, who twice entered the medical University, but it “didn’t arrive”.

“And then the teenager waved his hand and entered Poland. Now, a leading Polish surgeon! This is the story of 15-year-old”, – stated in the message.

And now Poplar just hoped that the story of Sasha Trofimov will not end the same way and a smart guy will still have another go. and thus will give a chance to the future Professor, and perhaps even academician of Ukraine.

Limit the number of to resolve this problem on July 5.

The post musician caused a strong reaction in the social network – in less than a day, the publication has collected more than 1.3 thousand likes and over a thousand comments.